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I'm James. I was born in 2001 and I enjoy creating custom tracks, missions, and competitions. I've played this game since release. I am very new to custom tracks but am trying to get better at the moment. Currently, I've just started getting into ASM modding and making lots of mods for Variety Pack.


Name Latest Update
Royal Rainbow v2.2
WP Tanks! v1.52
Variety Pack v2.0.hotfix3
Block Plaza (Race) v2.0c
Bumper's Battle Base Beta 2
Bumper's Roundabout v2.01
N64 Skyscraper (Race) v2.0
GCN Cookie Land (Race) v1.01
DS Twilight House (Race) v1.01
Delfino Pier (Race) v1.03
Frontrunner Music Pack v1.0
By the same author: Brawlboxgaming