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Hello. I am Richmountain112, but you can also call me Riuky if you reach the character limit in your textbox.

As of July 2023, I am capable of making mods but I'm a complete noob.

Stuff I tried to make but couldn't:

  • Coastal City (Custom Track). Got permission from HavocHound to post this idea. Went as far to making a demo model for the track, but no further progress could be made due to hardware limitations. Later lost interest in the track.
  • PAW Patrol Kart Wii (Replaces the roster with Paw Patrol characters): Initially failed due to not understanding BrawlCrate but later revived.
    • Chase over Mario
    • Marshall over Luigi (Later finished)
    • Rubble over Baby Mario
    • Rocky over Birdo
    • Zuma over Yoshi
    • Skye over Baby Peach
    • Everest over Wario (using Bowser's animations)
    • Tracker over Baby Luigi
    • Mayor Humdinger over Waluigi
    • Ryder
    • An OC over Funky Kong


Name Type What is it?
Great Journey Custom Track A track based off of the Warrior Cats series second arc, The New Prophecy. It will have some Wii Sports Resort vibes as well. It starts at HighStones and goes north up the river. Section 1 follows it until it ends, then turns left (or west) into the mountains. When section 2 begins, there is a split; 2A keeps going into the mountains and passes by the Tribe of Rushing Water before jumping off the mountains while 2B takes a dogleg south and into fields of cows and grass. They meet up before the Big Thunderpath hits Purdy's home. Section 3 has the TwolegPlace that Purdy led Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, Crowfeather, Tawnypelt, Feathertail, and Stormfur through before going out, navigating through various buildings. The end is either a cannon back to HighStones or a one-way plunge into the Sun-Drown Place (which counts the player out of bounds and respawns back at HighStones)
Warrior Cats Lake Custom Track The Lake territories from Warrior Cats remade as a Custom Track. It includes Cows from the Horseplace, Cataquacks that I arbitrarily added, and all clans' territories from the New Prophecy onwards. There is an alternate route that goes through the Tunnels as well.
Duckshroom Gorge (Mushroom Gorge Edit) Track Edit Adds cataquacks to Mushroom Gorge in a similar vein to Duckshroom Peaks. Be careful, there are lots of them and there's one at the starting line and may flip you over when the race starts if you're in 10th-12th place.
Princess Peach Bought too many Ducks Track Edit It looks like Princess Peach ordered way too many ducks for her course from Double Dash. And decided to use them all! Version v1.1 shrinks (most of) the added Cataquacks to smaller than the ones in Duckshroom Gorge. The ones near the beach (but not on it) are the same size as Duckshroom Gorge's, though. The vanilla ones remain unchanged.
Yoyle City Custom Track The main location of BFDIA 5e to 6 and IDBF. Will contain plenty of BFDI references.


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