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Hi, I am Elemental, also known as Mr Apple Tramwau64. I am a 16-year-old Mario Kart Wii modder and player. I have been making custom tracks since December 2020, but I have improved greatly since then. I also play Geometry Dash and occasionally Mario Kart 7 and 8 Deluxe.

Tracks I made


Name What it is
Festival Path First released track. Utter garbage.
Purple Comet First track that works on VS mode. Probably would need a new layout to be good.
Moe's Path First track with a cannon. This track is essentially a dead end.
Forest in a Canyon Another boring Jam track. Would need a new layout if I were to remake it.
Polar Park An interesting idea that wasn't attempted before I don't think. This track could be good with a remake.
Porcelain Speedway Shaded minimap test that doesn't have much to it. Another dead end.
Red Sea Resort Collab with Luigi Story and Potatoman44 for a Jam. There are several KCL bugs.
SNES Rainbow Road Made for April Fools' Day 2021 alongside Mystora's version. No updates planned at the moment.
Stadium Spaceway Jam track. Layout has a bit of potential with a few fixes.
The Glitch's Lair Based on a Discord joke. No updates planned.
Dry Lakeside Jam track. Aside from a few KCL bugs, this is pretty much complete.
Wario's Colossal Colosseum This is my first track edit. It's pretty much complete.
Cloudy Air Road First remake of a custom track; created for a Jam. Outside of a weird no lap count I think this is complete.
Midnight Backstreet An alright track that has some model issues. Probably won't be going back to this.
The Beginning of Time Collab with Kowbi for a jam. Probably not going back to this.
Abandoned Pier My first Blender track, and not that great. Could use a remake for sure.
Sweet Plateau Collab with Nihonium for a Jam. I'm proud of this one, but it has its issues, so it could be updated. Idk if I actually will though.
Sketchy Mario Circshit 4 Joke track based on an idea by Atmosphere. Funnily enough, this might be my most well-known track.
Dumb Drums Turbo Jam track made to be different to the other submissions as I figured everyone would use drums as mushrooms.
Luigi's Skyland Paint track I made as a joke. Surprisingly not that bad gameplay-wise.
Dream Island Battle for Dream Island-inspired Jam track. This does not play that great. Also, there's an easter egg.
Stairway Ruins First Come First Serve track based on an idea by marionose1. My first track with shadows.
Post-Apocalyptic Mechanical Wasteland Jam track that was pretty simple but the gameplay is alright.
Sketchy Boohoo Valley 3 My other Sketchy track, made for April Fools' Day 2022. Home to my first ever custom object (the Boohoo Boos).
69 King Labyrinth Edit of Six King Labyrinth made for April Fools' Day 2022. I messed up the KMP.
Whoops You Slooped Made for April Fools' Day 2022. The third track in the Whoops You Slipped trilogy.
Test Environment My first track since April 2022. Inspired by Blender and features some things I had not done before.
Farfalle Falls One of my better tracks, featuring the Water-O-Matic.

Texture Hacks

Name What it is
Snowiimm Circuit My first released texture, made for April Fools' Day 2022. Wiimm.
Pasta Parkway/Beige Parkway Made for Mario Kart Midnight. Alternate name at marionose1's request.
Rainbow Resort Another Midnight texture. This was admittedly a bit lazy, so the chance of it appearing will be lower.


Name What it is
Nameless Island I honestly forgot about this one. Layout had potential; it may be remade someday.
Rainbow Fantasy Park Jam track that was disqualified for not being 1 lap. I don't see much potential here.
=3 remake Course model issues killed my motivation here. The layout has no potential anyways.
SNES Donut Plains-inspired track Blender apparently doesn't like Sketchup models so I don't really feel like trying to finish this.
Hman's Floating Vacation Home Jam track based on the fact that Hman6516 was on vacation at the time. Not really much here.
Research Unit Unfinished Science jam track. I made half the layout before losing motivation.
Strange Neighborhood Jam track based on Super Mario Odyssey. Don't really want to release this.
Pyro Dungeon Another unreleased Jam track. Layout is simple but could play well with a remake.
SNES Mario Circuit 0 Jam track that was made as a joke. It's also my last Sketchup track to date.
Imperial Starship Collab with I'm Zappg for the Space jam. Everything went wrong during development.
Crytsal My first Jam track of 2023, made as a joke. There is no point in releasing this.


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