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Hello! I go by Elemental, Elemental Domino, Domino, or ElementalD. I'm an autistic 16-year-old from the USA, and I have played Mario Kart Wii since the early 2010s, but didn't get CTGP until like 2018 or so. These days, I tend to play worldwides on a variety of different distributions. I also sometimes play CTGP-7, but I'm nowhere near as good at that. I make mods for this game sometimes, but they usually aren't that good. Also, I'm very addicted to electronic music, especially F-777. (Used to have a list of my mods here, but that got annoying to maintain lol)

Discord: @elementaldomino YouTube: @ElementalDomino2007 Pronouns: he/him

By the same author: Elemental

Custom Tracks:
Festival PathPurple CometMoe's PathForest in a CanyonPolar ParkPorcelain SpeedwayStadium SpacewayThe Glitch's LairDry LakesideMidnight Backstreet
Dumb DrumsLuigi's SkylandDream IslandStairway RuinsPost-Apocalyptic Mechanical WastelandWhoops You SloopedTest EnvironmentFarfalle FallsThe Glitch Road
SchmircuitDokan Course 2Technicolor TravelBloodlust Moon CircuitCave with Mysterious Magical Light SourcesSpruce ForestFishy Spring
Citadel Magentafolder.dPath FestivalHalf-Pipe IsleWario's GoldThe Ice Ruined the Gameplay Anyway

Cloudy Air RoadSNES Rainbow RoadAbandoned PierSketchy Mario Circshit 4Sketchy Boohoo Valley 3Aegean AcropolisN64 Bowser's CastleNight Sky LakeCloudy Air Wall

Texture Hacks:
Snowiimm CircuitPasta ParkwayRainbow ResortMaple No

Track Edits:
Wario's Colossal Colosseum69 King LabyrinthSpace Jam PeaksSquished Acid CliffsLiterally Just Vanilla BC3Mariossuperfastraceway(textuer hack)
Toad's Toad's Toad's Toad's Toad's Toad'sKoopipe CapeSapling Park

Sweet Plateau (with Nihonium)Elemental Solstice (with 7 others)Mario Parked His Car at Olive Garden and Can't Find It (with Mickeyman713)
Enchanted Wonderland (with MKWahPhil)Ufer (with MKWahPhil)Baum 2: Gartenkarotte (with Iggy Ze Koopa)

Elemental's Music PackElemental's Track Pack