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Nihonium Mii.png
Twitter @Nh_MKW
Discord Nihonium_Tomopy#1249


Hello! I'm a 21 years old Japanese MKWii modder.

Currently, I only have one music pack which isn't even published, but I'm planning to make more stuff.

I'm mainly active on discord, so feel free to hit me up!


Name Details
Acrobatic Airway I designed the concept for Citrus' CT Secret Santa #3, and bugsy created the track.
Sweet Plateau A collab track with Elemental for Custom Track Jams Series 2 Season 2 Jam 5, under the theme of "candy". The concept design and the textures for cloud and green gummies are made by me, and the rest is made by Elemental.

Ideas I have

Type Name Details
Custom Track Unnamed Islands Track This is (going to be) my first track, excluding ports.
Custom Track Metal Factory A factory track which features many kinds of metals.
Custom Track Junky Night Town A town track based on the song Junky Night Town Orchestra.
Ported Track PQ Sky High Circuit Originally a level from PlatinumQuest. This is how it looks like.
Ported Arena MBG Ramp Matrix Originally a level from Marble Blast Gold. This is how it looks like.