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About me
Discord luigi_story
Pronouns He/Him
Favourite Characters Luigi, Dry Bowser
Favourite Game outside MK Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Hello everyone, I'm Luigi Story, 20 years old, birthday on 20th January and from Germany. I've always been very interested in Custom Track Creation and I'm happy that you've found your way here to my page. Hope you'll enjoy my tracks that I'll create. Have fun with them^^. Also if you want to Update my tracks, go ahead, but please ask me for permission first and also tell me, what exactly you want to Update, as I have some tracks in here that i either think are good as they are or I've planned an Update myself. Where do you get permission? Just ask me over Discord DMs. You can also always add my tracks to your Distributions, but for that, you don't need my permission. If you want to remake my Custom Tracks, I'd also highly apprcechiate if you let me know first. And finally, I also have a YouTube Channel where I often do Let's Plays and reupload Streams from my Twitch Channel, and sometimes even show off some of my newest CTs I've created (They are listed as "Someone Plays", because a friend is playing them for the first time). If you are interested (languages other than German are also more than welcome), feel free to subscribe to my channel here. Speaking of, be sure to check out my Competition called Luigi Story's Remake Competition where participants have a given ammount of time to remake a chosen custom track from me.

Small Track Ranking of my tracks (Worst to Best, only featuring the tracks in this ranking for now)

Sherbet Circle: Please burn in hell
Abandoned Festival Streets: boring track, don't play
Leafy Beach: ugliest beach ever
Muddy Loop: I don't like GCN Baby Park, but this one has mud sooo.. that's something
Canyon Road: Very long and boring ass track with extrem texture flickering and a slow-motion bug
Magical Sanctuary: Also boring, but more playable
LMDM Rooftop: Very first battle arena, and it shows. But it's a port from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon :)
Red Sea Resort: Textures are ugly and it has several KCL Bugs, but overall decent
Simple Circuit: Very first model by Dark Kirby. Playable, but not amazing
Grumble Caves: The track that brought me into CT Creation (Thanks Sheale), but rather simple
Abandoned Laboratory: Also long track with a bad layout choice, but otherwise very nice
Pyramid Way: The most broken track, but it has an amazing looking Model . Layout could be shortened tho (And bug fixes of course)
Candy Cake Circuit: Yummy, with a slow motion bug on Riivolution tho
Night City: I often forget this track exists. It's very good with a simple Layout and a nice mud shortcut at the end
Silly Rainbow: My very first SketchUp Model ever. A very simple but fun Rainbow
Toxic Loop: Not my very first SketchUp Model ever. Still a very simple but fun toxic wasteland
SNES Rainbow Road (Luigi Story): A self-modeled SNES Rainbow Road rendition which got scaled a bit too small tho. Still a good play
Shaped Raceway: You race over all sorts of shapes like hexagons, circles and even stars. Development took the longest out of my CTs (about half a year at least)
Flooded Water Caves: Amazing Remake to my old Version (and very first Solo-CT ever), but falls a bit flat due to it's simplicity
Black Paper World: This track finally is black AND features Paper! OMG it's a feverdream! Another solid remake with an unfortunate KCL Bug
Bowser's Molten Castle: The problematic tower and blind turns are fixed now, making it more enjoyable compared to it's old version
Slammer Park: Of course my favourite Ghost from my favourite Game needed it's own track. Very enjoyable track with 10 small hidden Slammers in it
Technical Loop: Nice Matrix-looking dimension with a fun Layout, tho a bit on the small side (especially noticable in the PC boxes)
Rocky Loop: Showcase of how to make a remake RIGHT. All problems from the old Version are gone, leaving nothing but an amazing track to race on
Room of the Arcades: An amazing trip through through a room full of arcades (who figured), even entering into one of them at one point
Mario's World Trip Down Memory Lane: Truely a World Trip through some of Mario's old and new adventures.