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Hello everyone, I'm Luigi Story, 19 years old, birthday on 20th January and from Germany. I always wanted to be a Custom Track Creator because I always found it quite interesting what People can create with just some softwares, so I wanted to try it to. Happy that I've found my way here. Hope you'll enjoy my tracks that I'll create in the future. Have fun with them^^. Also if you want to Update my tracks, go ahead, but please ask me for permission first and also tell me, what exactly you want to Update, as I have some tracks in here that i think are good as they are. Where do you get permission? Just ask me over Discord DMs: Luigi Story#4740. You can also always add my tracks to your Distributions, but for that, you don't need my permission. Just go ahead and pick the tracks you want to add. However, if you want to Update a track specifically for a Distribution, please still ask me for permission. If I like the Update, I might allow you to release it as an "unofficial update". In addition, you are always allowed to make track edits or Texture Hacks out of my tracks, just please don't add stuff like "Rude Textures if that makes sence. Also, if you feel like remaking a track of mine by yourself, you can also always do that, and you don't need me permission for that as it will be listed as your own track. And finally, I also have a YouTube Channel where I often do Let's Plays and reupload Stream from my Twitch Channel, and sometimes even show off some of my newest CTs I've created (They are listed as "Paul Plays", because my friend is playing them for the first time). If you are interested (languages other than German are also more than welcome), feel free to subscribe to my channel here. If you have any further questions about my CTs, feel free to ask anytime^^


Currently taking a break from Custom Track Creation, but I have planned on returning eventually. So I haven't retired, I'm just taking a break ;)