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This is a list of custom THPs for Mario Kart Wii.

List of THPs

Please sort this list alphabetically! Also, if you are replacing a video, try to include all versions of that video (for example, title.thp and title_SD.thp). Also note that if you are playing on 50hz (standard PAL mode), some videos have a different name (title_50.thp and title_SD_50.thp). Simply rename any downloaded files to match your video mode. If you are not sure, use all four. A complete list of usable names is here. The 'Notes' column will tell you what videos it can replace, and anything else about the video.
Title THP Author Video Author Notes Resolution Framerate Preview Download
FKW Credits ManginPlay cup0000, KLGB76, Ismy, FireGamingNinja, TrytheLight 256x192 29.97 Preview MEGA
Glitch A's MKDD Intro Glitch A Glitch A 6/P/T 640x480 29.97 Preview Google Drive
K-fee Commercial "Auto" GreenwaveStudios Cobblestone Filmproduktion Replaces the Drift Selection Screen video with the infamous commercial. 352x256 59.94 No preview Icedrive
Mario Kart 30th Anniversary Credits Glitch A Glitch A, Glιτςh J, Nintendo Doesn't work on 50Hz, swaps vanilla true thp with normal thp. 256x192 29.97 Preview 1 Preview 2 Google Drive
Mode Selection SY24 Nintendo & SY24 HD/6/P/L/M 640x480 29.97 No preview
Mode Selection (Glitch A) Glitch A Glitch A HD/6/S/M 512x192 29.97 No preview Google Drive
Pokémon XY&Z Intro (Japanese, shorter) SY24 The Pokémon Company International HD/6/P/L/T 640x480 29.97 No preview
Party Hard (Solo or Team) SY24 iblali HD/6/P/</L/V 640x480 29.97 Preview 1 Preview 2 Icedrive
IDFB Intro FancyDoesCustomTracks Jacknjellify HD/6/P/L/T 640x480 29.97 No preview Google Drive
Zero Hour THP Zeraora Blizzard Entertainment HD/6/P/L/T 640x480 29.97 No preview