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About Me

Hello, I will keep this short and to the point! I am a 17-year-old Mario Kart Wii player who has been playing the game since it released in 2008. I became familiar with mods in 2011, and I installed homebrew on my vWii in the beginning of 2016. I am interested in playing many Custom Track Distributions, and I currently work on Yosh's Track Pack DX. I also go by Yosh and Yosh46.

Also, here are some social medias of mine:

Yosh's Track Pack DX

Yosh's Track Pack DX is a custom track distribution that I currently work on in some of my free time for my friends and I to play on. It's public in case anybody else is interested in joining us.


If you want to contact me about something, then I guess the Yosh's Track Pack DX server is the best way to do that despite the fact it's not active.