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Icon: Bluebatstar Profile Icon.png
Discord: Bluebatstar#0452
YouTube: Bluebatstar
Second YouTube: Bluebatstar Underscore Nonsense
Kazoo: Bluebatstar Plays the Kazoo
Favourite Official Tracks: They both begin with S, have the last word begin with S and end in Way. Work it out for yourself.

About Me

Hi, I'm Bluebatstar, or Blue for short. I'm an 18 year old british male if you must know. I'm a relatively newer custom track creator who's currently learning how to do that- I mostly play Mario Kart 8 but I like modding Wii, hence why I'm creating tracks here. I hope you at least enjoy my stuff a little bit, though I understand the quality of it isn't necessarily as high as you might be used to. I'm working on getting better at it!

If I'm doing something wrong editing this wiki, please let me know. I will try to follow the rules as much as possible but I am liable to make mistakes and I'm paranoid about making a mistake accidentally and getting in trouble.