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This tutorial will explain how to create your custom vehicle (custom kart or custom bike) for Mario Kart Wii. To make a custom vehicle, you need to do more than make a 3D model like a custom track.

What You Need

  • Mario Kart Wii ISO
    If you have all of the 3D models of Mario Kart Wii just ignore this topic and the next topic.
  • WiiScrubber or Wiimms ISO Tools
    To get the BRRES models of karts and characters on the Mario Kart Wii ISO.
  • SZS Modifier or SZS Explorer
    You will need to edit the BRRES model. In this case, the SZS Modifier is recommended to prevent problems with the model movement animations. If you know how to edit the CHR0 files, you can edit them with these softwares.
  • Google Sketchup
    or other 3D modeler programs that import and export OBJ files.

How It's Done

Custom Kart Tutorial

BMD View 2 (First Part)

Step 1. Open BMD View 2, and go to open new model.

Step 2. Find the model you want to open, such as Body, Tire, etc.

Step 3. Export the file as a 3DS file.

Google Sketchup 8 (Second Part)

Step 1. Open Google Sketchup 8, then select Meters for the template. Then open it, go to file, and go to import. You'll have the file name that you're importing to 3ds. Then pick out which part you want to put in.

Step 2 (Bodies). For bodies, you're going to have to go to SZS Modifier and export the body obj file of a kart. It's recommended to go with the body of the kart that you're going to replace. When you import the obj of the body of the kart you're going to replace (In this case, the Mini Beast), try to put the body of your kart at the same coordinates of the kart that you're going to replace. Then put your kart in the origin spot, and erase the other body. Then export as an OBJ file using the exporter used for BRRES editor.

Step 2 (Tires). Just do the same with the bodies, only it's tires. Tires are the easiest part, because all you do is place it at the origin spot then save.

BRRES Editor (Final Part)

Step 1. Open SZS Explorer then go to the kart BRRES that you're going to replace. In this case, go to sb_kart-ka's kart model BRRES.

Step 2. Import the parts you saved in Google Sketchup 8.

Step 3. Rename all of the parts so that they are the same as the kart's old parts, then erase the old parts.

Step 4. Save the file, then go back to SZS Explorer. Save the file name as the same name it says on SZS Explorer. Then put in the My Stuff folder and you're done! Custom Karts in Mario Kart Wii!

Google Sketchup Plugins That You Will Need

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