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If the distribution freezes without showing the exception handler, this is almost certainly a Riivolution issue. If this occurs, try reinstalling Riivolution. If you do happen to get the LE-CODE exception handler, please report it to the Variety Pack team as soon as possible.
When a Large Mii is picked in a friend room, the room will crash. This is a bug with LE-CODE v20 onward, however, this bug will not happen in worldwide races.
WARNING for users that play on Tournaments!
Mission Mode races share slots with tournaments. By enabling Mission Mode, these missions will create ghost data and ranking entries for tournaments on Wiimmfi, which will usually show up on top of the leaderboards like a cheated time. The only known mission that can do this is 1-1 (in v1.0), which is the start-up boost mission. However, to be safe, it is better to create a new license and to not to connect to Wiimmfi on that license.

Do not complete a mission if you have played on tournaments; otherwise, you can get banned from Wiimmfi.

Variety Pack
Variety Pack v2.0 Cover.png
Author: Tombwarrior, Brawlboxgaming, Bladestorm227, Skipper93653, Bear, MrFib, vick__
Type: Riivolution, ISO Patcher
Tracks: 332 (300 custom tracks)
Arenas: 10
Version: v2.0.hotfix3
Date of latest version: 2020-08-08
Discord server: Official Variety Pack Server
Twitter: @MKWVarietyPack
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Variety Pack is a custom track distribution founded by Tombwarrior and is developed by Brawlboxgaming, Bladestorm227, Skipper93653, Bear, MrFib, and vick__. It features 300 custom tracks and the original 32 tracks, where the team accepts tracks of various shapes and sizes, hence the name "Variety". The Great Role Reversal is also present.

Chaotic Mode

In v1.0 – v1.2, Chaotic Mode (previously known as Frantic Mode prior to v1.4) was introduced as a new mode that uses the ItemSlotTable.slt in every track's SZS file from Electric Shredder. This means that you can get any item in any position, but powerful items have a higher chance of appearing.

From v1.21 onward, Chaotic Mode got reworked so that it uses ItemSlot.bin in the Common.szs file. However, the chances of getting any item is completely equal. Thunder Clouds were removed entirely and you can no longer get the POW Block in 1st place, making it slightly more balanced.

Blue Shell Showdown

Introduced in v1.3, a new mode called Blue Shell Showdown was added, which heavily increases the probability of Blue Shells being received from the item roulette, while every other item has been revoked of its probability or have been made for the lower positions only. The ItemSlot.bin file has been modified to give 1st place dodge items (such as Mushrooms or Stars), which have obviously been balanced depending on their power. Like in normal gameplay, Blue Shells will only appear after 30 seconds into the race.

Although it was fixed in v1.31, there was previously a side effect in this mode that caused objects on certain custom tracks to turn invisible, but still keeping their collision.

In v2.0, a cheat code was created by Brawlboxgaming to allow the player to switch a Blue Shell out for a Mushroom by using the C-stick for GameCube Controller and - for everything else.


Bob-omb Blast

This mode is new to v2.0. In this mode, you can only get Bob-ombs, and can store your Bob-ombs in reserve. This reserve is stored in the milliseconds counter. This mode is still not 100% finished, but has made a lot of progress.


This mode is new to v2.0. In this mode, the framerate for the game is doubled, meaning that all the menus and gameplay run twice as fast as normal. This can lead to some crazy races.

Time Attack

This mode is new to v2.0. It has taken codes from TTs Online.

Track Request

If you would like to see a track appear in the v3.0 update, then you can request your tracks here.

If you want an existing track to be removed from v3.0, head to the removed tracks list and add the track you would like to be removed.


Bob-omb Blast (v3.0 beta)
Blue Shell Showdown v2.0
The Great Role Reversal Showcase

Direct Archives

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Update Showcase Videos

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200cc Frantic Cups 1-11 Showcase Videos (v1.0 – v1.31)

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Mission Mode Showcase Videos (v1.41)

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Mission Mode Showcase Videos (v2.0)

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Tournament History

On 2019-02-09, the first Variety Pack free-for-all was held and streamed on both YouTube and Twitch. The winner was Skipper93653, who won a Steam copy of Golf It!. Stream highlights of Bladestorm227's perspective can be found on YouTube.


Demo Tracklist

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Other Tracklists


Version History

Demo – v1.41

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v2.0 – v3.0

Version Date of release Information
v2.0 (ISO Patcher) 2020-08-07
  • Changed track amount to 332 (including 300 custom tracks) using LE-CODE.
  • Custom Random options: All, Original, Custom, and New tracks.
  • New menu design.
  • New modes: Overclock, Bob-omb Blast and Time Attack.
  • Updated Blue Shell Showdown (see video above).
  • Recreated Mission Mode (only available on Normal Mode).
  • Custom friend room settings.
  • Improved ItemSlot.bin.
  • New and improved kartParam.bin.
  • New compacted standalone version called Variety Pack Classic.
v2.0.hotfix 2020-08-07 Fixed Digitally Enhanced crash.
v2.0.hotfix2 2020-08-07 Fixed Dry Bowser title screen.
v2.0.hotfix3 (Classic) 2020-08-08 Fixed Conveyor Conundrum crash.
v3.0 2023-??-??
  • Changed online engine class probabilities:
    • 150cc: 60%.
    • 200cc: 30%.
    • Mirror: 10%.
  • Modified kartParam.bin:
    • Increased handling and drift for various vehicles.
  • Added codes:
    • Added Brake Drifting.
    • Added Dynamic Gravity a.k.a. Fast Falling.
    • Changed maximum amount of Bullet Bills to two.
    • Allowed your position to be seen after a race.
    • Allow everyone to see their times after a race.
    • Brought back single Bob-ombs as a replacement to the Blooper.
    • Added Drift Threshold Modifier (for lower drift speeds for 200cc).
    • Added Rejoin Room.
    • Added settings screen from license menu.
  • Modified Blue Shell Showdown:
    • Fixed code to work on local four-player mode and online two-player mode.
    • Added Triple Blue Shells and Bullet Blues.
  • Added tracks:
    • Replaced over 100 tracks.
    • Added custom random selections for the different games of the retros into Variety Pack Classic.
  • Modified Bob-omb Blast:
    • Removed Bob-omb storing counter.
    • Added more items to Bob-omb Blast apart from just Bob-ombs:
      • Added Bullet Bob-ombs.
      • Added Shroom Bob-omb.
      • Added Double Bob-ombs.
      • Added Triple Bob-ombs.
      • Added some standard Variety Pack items (i.e. Triple Red Shells, Mega Mushrooms, etc.).
  • Removed Overclock.
  • Removed Time Attack.
  • Removed Mission Mode.
  • Change battle item probabilities to reflect the probabilities in VS for all modes.
  • Modified CPU speeds.
  • Added Mega Thunder Clouds.
  • Added Feather.
  • Revamped files to optimize the distribution's file size.
  • Combined all XMLs into one.
  • Fixed top graphic of menu files.
  • Remade code base.

Known Bugs

  • The Blue Shell Showdown swap code does not work on Dolphin.
  • Bob-omb Blast crashes on Battle Mode.
  • For some Wii users, sometimes after completing the first lap on the first race, the game can freeze. That bug is caused by Riivolution.
  • Picking any large Mii in friend rooms will cause the room to crash when trying to load a race.
By the same author: Brawlboxgaming
For the future, which includes when I eventually leave the community, you must never edit any of my works without getting any form of permission from me. If I am not available, I still do not want my works to be edited or have people take my assets from them without permission. Do not ever upload my work as your own (even if it is for a different game).

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