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Variety Pack
Variety Pack Logo.png
Current author: Brawlboxgaming
Legacy authors: Tombwarrior, Bladestorm227, Skipper93653, Bear, MrFib, vick__
Type: Riivolution
Tracks: 336 (304 custom tracks)
Arenas: 10
Version: v3.1.1
Date of latest version: 2024-03-31
Download: Filebox
Discord server: Variety Pack
YouTube: Mario Kart Wii Variety Pack
Twitter: @MKWVarietyPack
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Variety Pack is a custom track distribution founded by Tombwarrior and developed by Brawlboxgaming. It features 304 custom tracks and the original 32 tracks, where the team accepts tracks of various shapes and sizes, as well as provide different ways to play the game, hence the name "Variety".

Game Modes

Blue Shell Showdown

This mode increases the frequency of Blue Shells and power items greatly. The first 30 seconds are seen as a grace period, as no Blue Shells will appear in the item roulette. After 30 seconds, all hell breaks loose. It is essentially "King of the Hill" if it was in Mario Kart Wii. There is also a feature where, if you are in a sticky situation, with only a Blue Shell as your item, you can swap it with an amount of Mushrooms (depending on your placement) indicated by the icon (Y for the GCN Controller and - for all other controllers).

Legacy versions

Bob-omb Blast

This mode changes the probabilities of the item roulette to be themed around Bob-ombs or items that can snipe Bob-ombs. This also includes new items such as Shroom Bombs, Triple Bombs and Bullet Bombs (a Bullet Bill with three spinning Bob-ombs).

Legacy versions

Chaotic Mode

This mode sets all of the item probabilities to be equal for all players. Whatever placement you are in, you are equally likely to get any item. This mode also introduces a new mechanic – when a player is taking damage, several things can happen:

  • The player receives an item effect.
  • The player is damaged with a random damage type. This excludes the out of bounds damage type.

The result depends on your placement: if you are further behind, you have a higher chance of receiving a powerful item. If you are further ahead, you have a lower chance of receiving a weaker item.

Note: This new mechanic is not available in Battle Mode due to issues with invincibility frames.

Legacy versions

Legacy Game Modes

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Track Request

A method will be created to request tracks for future updates after v3.0 is released.


Variety Pack v3.1 Showcase

Update Showcase Videos

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Mission Mode Showcase Videos (v1.41)

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Mission Mode Showcase Videos (v2.0)

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Tournament History

On 2019-02-09, the first Variety Pack free-for-all was held and streamed on both YouTube and Twitch. The winner was Skipper93653, who won a Steam copy of Golf It!. Stream highlights of Bladestorm227's perspective can be found on YouTube.


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Version History

Demo – v1.41

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v2.0 – v2.0.hotfix3

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v3.0 – v3.1

Version Date of release Information
v3.0 2024-03-15
  • Changed track amount to 336 (including 304 custom tracks) using Pulsar.
  • Added new host settings:
    • Vehicle selection restriction in friend rooms.
    • Kart selection restriction in friend rooms.
  • New Variety Pack settings:
    • No Music toggle.
    • Gamemode selection.
  • Overhauled game modes (see here for details).
  • Temporarily removed Mission Mode.
  • Removed Overclock and Time Attack.
  • For Time Trials:
    • Added staff ghosts (for 150cc only).
  • All triple items now spin around the player.
  • Added invincibility frames.
  • Added Motion Sensor Bombs.
  • Replaced Fake Item Box models.
v3.0-hotfix 2024-03-16
v3.0.1 2024-03-17
  • Fixed tasryse's author credits.
  • Changed regional game mode to a random game mode.
  • Added text to display game mode in friend rooms and regionals.
  • Made all game modes route to the same search region.
v3.0.2 2024-03-17 Fixed bug where the BMG display of the engine class was incorrect.
v3.0.3 2024-03-18
  • Fixed author credits.
  • Fixed the game mode not working offline.
v3.0.4 2024-03-23 Potentially circumvented an issue where the game mode is
sometimes incorrect in regionals for non-hosts.
v3.0.5 2024-03-23
  • Removed random game mode from regionals (always chooses normal mode).
  • Fixed the game mode not working in friend rooms.
v3.1 2024-03-30
  • Added Transmission Select.
  • Added Force Transmission setting (for friend rooms).
  • Added new drift tiers:
    • Inside bikes will charge to mini-turbos (blue).
    • Outside bikes and inside karts will charge to super mini-turbos (orange).
    • Outside karts will charge to ultra mini-turbos (purple).
  • Added race progression timer (after 10 seconds of no race progression, the player will be respawned).
  • Fixed engine class BMG on the VR page.
  • Updated the following tracks:
v3.1-hotfix 2024-03-30 Fixed issue where players would respawn before a race starts online.
v3.1.1 2024-03-31 Fixed issue where ghosts would desynchronise due to the new drift tiers.
By the same author: Bladestorm227

Custom Tracks:
Unnamed TownTideshift Town

Retro Tracks:
3DS Rainbow Road

Dry CoastAncient RuinsFishdom Island

Track Edits
Spike CircuitN64 Mario Raceway R

ZPL Kart Wii BetaVariety Pack

Planned Tracks/Remakes:
Mushroom CreekDry CoastAncient Ruins

By the same author: vick__

Custom Track Distributions:
Alpha's Track Mix

Collaborations & Contributions (Custom Track Distributions):
Variety PackCustom Kart WiiLegacy Kart Wii

Custom Track Edits/Updates:
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Custom Tracks:
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April Fools' Releases:
Tropical Manege