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The BLIGHT (Binary LIGHT) filetype controls lighting effects on characters, karts, items and objects in a track. It is always seen in the posteffect folder inside an U8. This file is not required for a track to load, as there is a default.blight file inside Common.szs.

File Format

File Header

The following table describes the version 2 LIGHT header.

Offset Type Description
0x00 String File magic. Always LGHT in ASCII.
0x04 UInt32 File size. Always 0x5A8 in MKW.
0x08 Byte Version. Always 02 in MKW
0x09 Byte[3] Padding.
0x0C UInt32 Unknown. Always 00 00 00 00.
0x10 UInt16 Number of LOBJs. Always 0x10 in MKW.
0x12 UInt16 Number of Ambient Lights. Always 0x10 in MKW.
0x14 Byte[4] RGBA ambience black color. Always 00 00 00 FF.
0x18 Byte[16] Padding.

However, one thing to note is that although 16 lights are stored in this file, only 8 can be referenced by the KCL (IDs 00 to 07). This is because the KCL only has three binary digits to reference lights (and 111 in binary = 7).

Light Object data (LOBJ)

LOBJ file inside the BLIGHT file

The first light object starts at 0x28. These addresses are relative to the start of the object.

Offset Type Description
0x00 String Section magic. Always LOBJ in ASCII.
0x04 UInt32 Section size. Always 0x50.
0x08 Byte Version. Always 02 in MKW, except for loser_demo and draw_demo, in which said value is 01.
0x09 Byte[3] Padding.
0x0C Byte[4] Unknown. Always 00 00 00 00.
0x10 Byte Attenuation angle falloff function
Value Description
0 Disabled
1 Flat (sharp border)
2 Cosine
3 Cosine with smoother cutoff
4 Sharp, but not as sharp as flat
5 Ring with center dimly illuminated
6 Ring
0x11 Byte Attenuation distance falloff function. Used together with the attenuation references below. This Desmos graph shows how the three types (blue = gentle, red = steep) behave over distance.
Value Description
0 Disabled
1 Gentle
2 Medium
3 Steep
0x12 Byte Coordinate system for origin and destination
Value Description
1 World coordinates
2 View coordinates (so rotates with the camera)
3 Top-down view - illuminates from the top of the screen
4 Bottom-up view - illuminates from the bottom of the screen
0x13 Byte Light type: 00 = omni light, 01 = directional, 02 = spotlight. Always 01 in Nintendo tracks.
0x14 UInt16 This value stores the index of the ambient light this light uses. It's also used to link into the LTEX gradient table.
0x16 UInt16 Bitfield. Always 06 41 (1, 6, 9 and 10) or 06 21 (1, 5, 9 and 10). Unknown values are not included.
Offset Byte Description
0 0x1 Enable direction vectors and colors (disabled for the first entry)
1 0x2 Enable direction vector shifting (use coordinates of another light object)
5 0x20 Enables a link to a BLMAP entry
6 0x40 Same as 1, both need to be set.
7 0x80 Use an attenuation angle curve instead of predefined spot functions. Settings unknown.
8 0x100 Use an attenuation distance curve instead of predefined distance functions. Settings unknown.
11 0x800 Use an unknown attenuation curve with fixed settings.
0x18 Float[3] 3D origin vector.
0x24 Float[3] 3D destination vector.
0x30 Float This seems to control how large the color effect is on this light.
0x34 Byte[4] RGBA light color.
0x38 Byte[4] Ambient color for BLMAP lighting stages.
0x3C Float Spotlight cutoff angle
0x40 Float Attenuation reference distance
0x44 Float Attenuation reference brightness
0x48 UInt32 Unused.
0x4C UInt16 Light Object index used for vector shifting
0x4E UInt16 Padding
0x50 End of object, start of next

Ambient Light data

Ambient colors are used by each light object. They are linked by a light.

Offset Type Information
0x00 Byte[4] RGBA ambient light color.
0x04 UInt32 Padding.
0x08 End of color, start of next

All unused ones are 64 64 64 FF (a neutral gray).


The following tools can handle BLIGHT files: