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You are NOT free to edit any of the mods I created.

About Me

I'm a pro ct player that plays only Riivolution custom track distributions.
I really like a lot of old custom tracks as well as modern ones that have unique gameplay variety.

My CT Distribution

My main focus is on my custom track distribution MK Overdrive DX. This is a distribution intended for pro ct players that like challenging and/or technical tracks that play close races in CTWWs. If you want to play this distribution online with other players, the discord server can be found on this pack's Wiiki page.

Other Projects

-In the past, I created a Bob-omb Blast mod for battle mode. This mod was never completely finished, and I've pretty much abandoned it. I still think it's really fun, as it's based off Mario Kart 7's underrated battle mode. If it ever becomes possible to remove teams from battle mode, I won't hesitate to remake this mod as an add-on to Overdrive.

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