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LE-CODE (short for Leseratte-Code) is a code extension of Mario Kart Wii initially written by Leseratte. After the initial phase, the code was jointly developed by Leseratte and Wiimm. It has been named after CT-CODE, the name of the old code extension by MrBean35000vr and Chadderz.

Development started in January 2019, using the build system taken from the Wiimmfi updater. This means that it supports writing C source code instead of Assembly code for its modifications, and is designed to be loaded into the StaticR.rel relocation buffer as soon as it has been loaded and linked into memory, which has about 900 KB of usable space for modifications.

To use this code extension in other mods, Wiimm added support for management of LE-CODE and its additional features to Wiimms SZS Tools, called Wiimms LE-CODE Tool. Additional documentation can be found here.

The first few test versions were tested by Wiimm and Leseratte in February 2019, with the first version for a few more private testers being released on February 20th. LE-CODE could be used by the public after the release of Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2019-06, which happened in June 2019.



LE-CODE's features are based on a list of modifications that were included in the Wiimms Mario Kart Fun series. It includes nearly all features that CT-CODE has and all features of the former mentioned series.

Features from CT-CODE

CT-CODE Features
Feature Information
More Racing Tracks Adds more slots to the game by editing the game's slot usage to have more than 4000 tracks in a distribution.
Custom Menu System Adds more cups and two arrows to the track selection.
Wi-Fi Timer Makes the timer display always when selecting a track online.
Random Track Fix Fixes the random button from the track selection.
Lap & Speed Modifier Adds support to have modifier lap and speed amounts.
Mushroom Only Bug Fix Fixes item boxes only giving Mushrooms after the 18th item online.
Thunder Cloud Time Modifier Allows the Thunder Cloud to strike earlier or later.
Random Track from Group Adds random groups to the track selection, allowing to vote randomly in a set of tracks. (All tracks, Nintendo tracks, custom tracks, new tracks, texture hacks)
Track Variants Allows tracks to function like Animal Crossing from Mario Kart 8.
Custom VS Point Scheme Changes the amount of points a player gets when finishing a race.
No Lightning in Team Races Disables the Lightning item in Team Races.
Engine Class Probability Modifier Removes calculations based on VR and uses a fixed probability instead.
Draggable Blue Shells Allows the Blue Shell to be dragged behind a player's vehicle, like Green and Red Shells.


Feature Information
Icache Fix Handles the icache properly, making the mod compatible with Dolphin 5.0-9000 and higher.
4-Player Mii Crash Fixes 4-player mode with Miis.
Minimap Icon Size Fix Fixes the size of the minimap's character icons when playing another game after Time Trials.
Battle Mode Name Tag Fix Fixes the render distance of player's name tags when returning to VS races.
Grand Prix Savegame Fix Fixes playing Grand Prix on custom cups from corrupting the savegame.
Trophy Fix Fixes the game awarding the wrong trophy due to the additional cups.

Main Features

Main Features
Feature Information
NTSC-K Support Adds support for the Korean version of the game.
More Than 256 Tracks Extends the track limit to 4,096 or 8,192.
Crash Handler Adds a proper crash handler to the game that displays data about the crash.
Multiplayer File Removal Removes the need for Multiplayer files and picks the regular track if it is not present.
Track Directory Adds a track directory to the game's filesystem.
Performance Monitor Adds the option to display a performance monitor on screen.
Custom Speedometer Adds a speedometer with some settings.
Debug Information Adds the option to turn on various debug information.
Item Cheat Adds an Item Cheat to the game.
Random Texture Hacks Adds support for organization of texture hacks.
Custom Online Time Limit Allows the online time limit to be customizable between 30 and 65535 seconds (18:12:15).

Track Features

Track Features
Feature Information
Course Dependent Files Adds the option to read ObjFlow.bin, GeoHitTableItem.bin, GeoHitTableItemObj.bin, GeoHitTableKart.bin, GeoHitTableKartObj.bin, and minigame.kmg from the track file itself.
Woodbox Height Respawn Modifier Modifies the height at which the woodbox object respawns.
Cannon Parameters Adds the option to have custom cannon parameters through a LEX file.
Mushroom Car Changes the penguin_m object to function like a Mushroom Car from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Movable Finish Line Adds the option to add a second starting position to display the finish line on the minimap in a different location.
Extended Presence Flags Adds more options to Nintendo's presence flags.
Goomba Size Memory Remembers the original size of a Goomba when respawning it.
Item Position Bug Fix Fixes the Item Position Bug through a LEX file.
Hidden Position Tracker Hides the position tracker depending on the player's checkpoint information through a LEX file.
Epropeller Speed Changes the Epropeller object to define another scale for the rotation speed.
Conditional Out of Bounds Adds support for both versions of Conditional Out of Bounds.
Custom Online Time Limit Allows the online time limit to be customizable between LPAR:MIN-ONLINE-SEC and LPAR:MAX-ONLINE-SEC.
Random Item Points Allows item routes to be picked at random.

Battle Features

Battle Features
Feature Information
Working Battle Mode Makes Battle Mode work properly.
Battle Mode Time Limit Fix Fixes the Battle Mode time limit (0:30 to 3:00).

Menu Features

Menu Features
Feature Information
Custom Cup Icon Sizes Adds support for custom cup icon sizes from 8×8 up to 248×248 pixels in increments of 8. The default is 128×128.
Demo Screen Battle Mode Adds Battle Mode to the Demo Screen.
Demo Screen Fix Fixes random Demo Screen crashes.
Custom Track Removal in Time Trials Removes the ability to play custom tracks in Time Trials.
Track Selection Scrolling Automatically updates the track names when scrolling through the cups. The arrows can also be used from the bottom row of cups.
Functional Chat Messages Adds functionality to room chat messages.
Online Worldwides Adds support for worldwides to play on tracks and battle arenas online.

Version History

See LE-CODE/History for a full history.

Version Date of release Information
2019-01-07 Start of development
Build 13 2019-07-12 First release
Build 15 2020-02-14
  • Added Extended Presence Flags.
  • Added Goomba Size Memory.
  • Added Course Dependent Files for minigame.kmg.
  • Added Item Position Bug Fix
  • Added Hidden Position Tracker.
  • Fixed cutscene for Team Races.
Build 16 2020-03-04
  • Fixed Hidden Position Tracker for 4:3 field-of-view.
  • Fixed freeze that occurred when a player left a room which had a track using the Hidden Position Tracker loaded.
Build 18 2020-04-08 Added Functional Chat Messages.
Build 20 2020-06-16
  • Added an option to avoid tracks being repicked for up to 50 times.
  • Added more Functional Chat Messages.
  • Added Epropeller Speed.
Build 22 2020-07-26 Fixed crash that occurred when a player went online with many locked drivers.
Build 24 2020-09-17 Fixed freeze that occurred when all players selected random when playing Battle Mode.
Build 26 2020-10-09
  • Added Custom Speedometer.
  • Added both versions of Conditional Out of Bounds.
  • Updated Hidden Position Tracker.
  • Fixed Host Always Wins Vote not working when Track Blocker was disabled.
Build 28 2021-04-08
  • Added Debug Information.
  • Added Item Cheat.
  • Updated Custom Speedometer.
Build 30 2021-09-03
  • Added Thunder Cloud Time Modifier.
  • Added Cheat Code System.
  • Added D-Pad Settings.
  • Added Cheat Modes.
  • Changed Draggable Blue Shells to an option.
  • Fixed Debug Information always being enabled.
  • Fixed Item Cheat joystick position.
Build 32 2022-05-13 Added bigger display to allow longer track names.
Build 34 2022-10-20
  • Added support for Random Texture Hacks.
  • Removed Bullet Bill from Item Cheat when in Battle Mode.
Build 36 2022-12-15
Build 38 2023-08-05
Build 40 2024-02-17
  • Added support for custom cup icon sizes from 8×8 up to 248×248 pixels in increments of 8.
  • Increased the track limit to 8,192.

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