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License Unlock is a Cheat Code for all four regions of Mario Kart Wii, created by Wiimm. It unlocks all drivers, vehicles and courses of a single profile, but it does not touch trophies.

How it works

Licence Unlock Preview.png

The two main ideas are that the cheat code is only activated if the user really wants to use it, and that it can be activated for a single profile. The solution is to use many buttons which are never pressed together by accident.

To unlock a license, use the first Wiimote and rotate it 45 degrees counterclockwise. Go to the license selection screen. Then press the four buttons (PLUS + MINUS + "1" + "B"). While holding those four buttons, press the pad in the direction of the profile you want to unlock. It does not matter, when the screen changes to a different page. When the license has been patched successfully, the game sound plays with doubled speed for two seconds.

At this point, only the memory copy of the savegame is patched. Do a race or change a Mii, so that the Wii stores the modified savegame to the file system of the NAND.


LE-CODE Logo (Horizontal).png

LE-CODE has its own Licence Unlock as of build 30. Therefore there is no longer any need to use this cheat code. See LE-CODE: Controllers & Buttons: D-Pad Settings for details about the built-in code.

Cheat Codes

License Unlock, PAL

License Unlock, NTSC/USA

License Unlock, NTSC/Japan

License Unlock, Korea