Item Position Bug

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If playing online, the start position of an item (player shoots, throws or drops an item) is transmitted by three 16 bit signed integers (range from -32768 to +32767, or short ±32767), one for each axis. Therefore, the floating point positions are divided by four, rounded to the nearest integer and cut to 16 bits. The result is that start positions outside the range of ±131071 are not possible: the items are disintegrated immediately or appear at a total different position. This is considered to be an Item Position Bug.

For that reason, it is important to center tracks; but, it is not possible for all tracks (some objects do not have movable positions).

If after centering there is any place that the driver can enter that is outside the valid range, then it is possible to increase the valid range via LEX section SET1. This only works for distributions that use LE-CODE.

Commands wkmpt check and wszst check of Wiimms SZS Tools print suggestions about how to shift (center) a track and/or how to setup a LEX:SET1 section if necessary.

→ Reference: Tracks with Item Position Bug (