Start Line Bug

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The start line of the minimap is placed at the start position with respect to the position and horizontal rotation of KMP:KTPT.

But there is a Start Line Bug in Mario Kart Wii. For races in Mirror Mode, the rotation is not mirrored. The start line has a wrong direction (also the same if unmirrored). Only if the horizontal start direction (y rotation) is a multiple of ±90° (one of 0°, ±90°, ±180°, or ±270°), Mirror Mode shows a correctly rotated start line because of symmetric reasons.

Another bug is, that the line is displayed at the start position defined by KMP:KTPT and not at the finish position defined by the lap counter of KMP:CKPT. This error is only visible if the start and finish are in different positions.

LE-CODE fixes this bug, where the start line rotation is correctly mirrored on the minimap. Additionally, it is possible to display the start line at another position (usually at lap counter position) if a secondary start position is defined.