Off-Road Glitch

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The Off-Road Glitch is a phenomenon that occurs in Mario Kart Wii with KCL flag 0068 (Jump Pad 0x08 with variant 3). Touching this particular KCL flag and variant causes a racer to be in a state that nullifies certain speed effects, such as mini-turbo, wheelie, and shock speed reduction. Perhaps an unintended effect, KCL flag type 3 (Off-Road) is treated as type 1 (Slippery Road 1) while the racer is in this state. This glitch is present on Mushroom Gorge and can be performed by simply running into that KCL flag backwards and landing back on the main road. This specific variant was probably coded in a way that more or less guarantees landing on an upcoming kinoko_bend object, since it fixes speed. This glitch can be cancelled by touching KCL flag 0088 (Jump Pad 0x08 with variant 4) or respawning.


Offroad Glitch In Action