KCL Glitches

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Some tracks produce curious effects when driving over the roads. Here are some examples:

KCL Glitches

Most of these effects are based on wrong triangles in the KCL file.

Face Down Roads

Many CT creators design the roads (and boosts, ramps...) from 2 sides: face up and face down. And these face down roads are the reason of the curious jumps. If a driver jumps on the road, it is possible that its position gets some units below the road. This is no problem, if only face up roads are defined: the driver is raised on the road again. But if the face down road is also defined, it may become the relevant road and different glitches and bugs may appear:

  • Unwanted jumps while driving over the road.
  • Difficult changing of the driving direction if jumping down to the road.
  • Barrel rolling.
  • Curious camera jumping effects.
  • Underground views of cameras.

To avoid these effects, remove the face down road's triangles. Face down roads can be selected by the KCL flag and its first normal (Y value < 0.0). Wiimms SZS Tools can remove such triangles automatically; see »Creating a KCL with Wiimms Tools« for details.

Wasted Triangles

Many old custom tracks contain triangles, that are not needed and therefore not included into the octree. But if exporting to OBJ or recreating the KCL, the unused triangles become valid. Be sure to remove the unused and unwanted triangles before continue the processing of the data.