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Buttons for Wiimote + Nunchuck
Buttons for GameCube Controller

Item Cheat is a cheat code created by Wiimm for the PAL and NTSC-U regions of Mario Kart Wii. He created the first version of this cheat code for his Intermezzo in 2015. In March 2021 he integrated this cheat into LE-CODE with additional support for Classic Controller and for regions Japan and Korea.

The main purpose of this cheat code is to test racing tracks and battle arenas offline and online with all available items. Don't use a Bullet Bill in battle arenas, because it will freeze the game if no item route is defined (this is the standard case).

The cheat code works with the first Wiimote + Nunchuck and the first GameCube controller. It is limited to single player mode offline and online. If playing with two or more players, curious effects happen (e.g. the first player selects the items for the second player).

The Wii Remote and Nunchuk uses directions on the D-Pad in addition to the , 1 and 2 buttons to select items. Use those in combination with the C and B buttons to access the second and third layers, respectively. The GameCube Controller uses directions on the C-stick to select items. Select a direction in combination with the Z and B buttons to access the second and third layers, respectively.

You can select all available items (see pictures on the right side). The items are placed into the item container (top left on-screen). It must be activated in the usual way. If »Off« is selected, the cheat code is disabled and normal item handling is enabled.

The Thunder Cloud is the perfect item to become small for testing jumps. Therefore, a combination of Item Cheat with Thunder Cloud Duration (by Leseratte) and a long time is recommended. Intermezzo sets the time to 30 seconds.

Cheat Codes

Item Cheat, PAL

Item Cheat, USA (NTSC-U)