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Wiimms Mii

I'm Wiimm and my business and also my hobby is software engineering. I'm a Mario Kart Fan too. To play with others I have build several Custom Track Distributions. The public ones are listed here: Wiimms Mario Kart Fun

All distributions comes with an ISO Patcher. The ISO patcher is based on some of my Tools:

More links:

Track Archive

There is a new Track Archive replacing the old one. It is designed as Website and begun with a simple search form and permanent download links. See »Wiimm's Custom Archive« for details. Links to the old CT archive ([1] and [2]) are redirected to this new archive.

AIParams are removed from all tracks. All files are archived as WBZ files. It is useless to ask me for SZS files! Use Wiimms SZS Tools to decode them.

All tracks and arenas created by me
All tracks and arenas edited and published by me