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This page is related to the software support for the Extended presence flags (XPF).


As of LE-CODE build 15, the extended presence flags are fully implemented.


Wiimm planned software support for his website ct.wiimm.de:

  • A new web page will help to define and calculate CONDITIONS and DEFINITION_OBJECTS.
  • Track statistics about the usage of this extension.
  • In the distant future a special web page is planned: The user uploads some tracks and defines some parameters. Then the website creates a LE-CODE distribution, where the track is included in many variants, where the settings of LEX:TEST varies to cover all CONDITIONS.

KMP Tools

All of the following KMP tools were checked to see if they don't clear but COPY the additional data and if they allow to EDIT the extensions. It is a pity that most tools have problems with the padding and just ignore it. Usually an edit tool should not change unknown data and then save it again. And for games like Mario Kart Wii, such data should at least be displayed.

Tools that either directly work on the file itself (like the SZS Modifier), which is not recommended, or tools like Wiimms SZS Tools (in any version) that load the entire GOBJ section into a structure, including padding, will properly keep the additional data in the KMP when editing. Other tools that try to be smart and verify the OBJECT_ID (KMP Cloud, KMP Modifier) and/or ignore the seemingly unused padding (KMP Cloud, KMP Modifier, Lorenzi's KMP Editor, Wexos's Toolbox and probably more) will break KMP files that use these features — these tools should be updated.

KMP tools and their support of extended presence flags
Tool Author Extended
Object ID
for padding
Extended bits
of Presence flags
Copy Edit Manage Copy Edit Manage Copy Edit Manage
KMP Cloud Vulcanus2 [1] [2]
KMP Modifier kHacker35000vr [3] [2]
KMP3D zatchi v5.2 v5.2
Lorenzi's KMP Editor Hlorenzi [2]
SZS Modifier Chadderz [4]
Wexos's Toolbox Wexos [2]
Wiimms SZS Tools Wiimm v2.11a v2.11a v2.11a v2.11a
Column Notes
  • Copy: Tool reads values and stores them at least when object was not edited.
  • Edit: Tool allows simple (hex) edit of the values.
  • Manage: Tool supports and interprets the extension.
Status Notes
  • [1]: KMP Cloud clears the high unused bits of the object id.
  • [2]: KMP Cloud, KMP Modifier, Lorenzi's KMP Editor and Wexos's Toolbox ignore the padding completely and set all paddings to value 0 if writing the KMP.
  • [3]: KMP Modifier doesn't accept unknown objects, prints a warning for each such object and set OBJECT_ID to 0.
  • [4]: SZS Modifier prints padding as decimal value, but scans it as hexadecimal value. So editing this member is complicated.
  • A Version number indicates when this corresponding functionality has been (green) or will be (yellow) available.

Implementation Hints

For implementation hints read Extended presence flags/Implementation Hints.