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First steps

2019-01-07 — Idea for LE-CODE
  • Leseratte had the idea to consolidate all existing MKW-Fun and ct-code mods into one new structured system.
  • He started looking for ways to extend the game code, possibly by placing it at the end of the heap (like MKW-Fun and CTGP 1.03 do).
  • However, that would either require position-independant code (complicated), usage of the game's internal linker (even more complicated) or a fixed-length FST (would break if ISO is modified).
2019-01-11 — StaticR buffer
  • The idea to use the heap has been discarded. Leseratte found a roughly 900 KB buffer within the StaticR.rel that is only used at game load.
  • After the game is loaded, the buffer is still kept in memory and can be used for custom mods with the LE-CODE.
2019-01-30 — ct-code ported
  • As of January 30, all ct-code mods have been ported or rewritten to work with the LE-CODE.
  • Most MKW-Fun mods have been ported as well.
2019-02-10 — test script
  • Leseratte made a small script to patch LE-CODE support into an image so Wiimm and Leseratte were able to do a few online tests.
~2019-02-14 — WLECT development
  • Leseratte made a few changes to the LE-CODE to make it compatible with Wiimms tools.
  • Wiimm started developing WLECT (Wiimms LE-CODE tool) so that we no longer have to create distributions manually.
  • At the same time, Wiimm implemented LE-CODE support in its distribution-generator.
  • Leseratte developed a hacky way for LE-CODE to add additional ~20 slots to the game without breaking online support.
2019-02-25 — even more track IDs
  • The hack from above has been removed. Leseratte started development for actually supporting up to ~32000 tracks in online mode.
  • Korean games should now work properly and not freeze on track load.
2019-03-06 — track ID support finished
  • Both online gameplay and online live view now support up to ~32000 tracks.
  • Track icons changed from RGB5A3 to CMPR to reduce size.
  • LE-CODE artificially limits the number of tracks to 4096 (you'd run out of memory for cup icons at some point anyways).
2019-04-01 — first public test distribution
2019-05-18 — various preparations for MKW Fun
  • During the last months Wiimm and Leseratte did some cleanup of the LE-CODE and the MKW Fun build system to prepare the first MKW-Fun distribution with the LE-CODE
  • A "mushroom car" feature (for tracks like GCN Mushroom City) has been added to the LE-CODE (thanks to Kevin (KHacker35000vr) for the code for that)
2019-06-21 — release of Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2019-06

Build 13 (release)

2019-07-12 — official release of LE-CODE build 13.

Build 14

2020-01-25 — Extended presence flags, Goombas and more
2020-02-07 — Extended presence flags, Position Tracker
  • Full implementation of new Extended presence flags including the simulation of scenarios.
  • For online races, the range for items can be increased to larger values than ±131071 (see LEX:SET1).
  • The position tracker can be hidden dependent on offline/online, current lap and current check point (see LEX:HIPT).

Build 15 (release)

2020-02-14 — official release of LE-CODE build 15.

Build 16 (release)

2020-03-04 — official release of LE-CODE build 16.
  • Fixed the hide-position-tracker functionality for 4:3 screens.
  • Fixed a freeze bug that occasionally occurs when a player leaves a room and the current track uses the hide-position-tracker feature.

Build 17


Build 18 (release)

2020-04-08 — official release of LE-CODE build 18.

Build 19

2020-04-17 — block tracks
2020-04-21 — Epropeller Speed

Build 20 (release)

2020-06-16 — official release of LE-CODE build 20.

Build 21

  • The game doesn't crash anymore if a player goes online with many locked drivers.

Build 22 (release)

2020-07-26 — official release of LE-CODE build 22.

Build 23

2020-09-05 — bug fixed
  • The game does not longer freeze if all players select random while selecting a battle arena.

Build 24 (release)

2020-09-17 — official release of LE-CODE build 24.

Build 25

2020-10-09 — Speedometer & Conditional Out of Bounds.
2020-10-11 — Bug fix
  • Bug fix: "Host always wins track selection" didn't work when the "block repeated track vote" feature was disabled.

Build 26 (release)

2020-12-09 — official release of LE-CODE build 26.

Build 27


Build 28 (release)

2021-04-08 — official release of LE-CODE build 28.

Build 29

  • Fixed a bug, so that debug screens are really disabled on DEBUG$OFF.
  • New LPAR parameter (THCLOUD-TIME) to define the time a player is small after being struck by a thundercloud.
  • Bug fix: The evaluation of the joystick position for the item cheats was incorrect.
2021-08-04 – 2021-09-01
  • More D-Pad settings: License unlock, Thundercloud timing, …
  • Tuned debug screens.

Build 30 (release)

2021-09-03 — official release of LE-CODE build 30.

Build 31

  • Patch for main.dol so that longer texts are allowed than defined in BRLYT (by Diamond). Longer track names can be displayed in this way.

Build 32 (release)

2022-05-13 — official release of LE-CODE build 32.

Build 33 (in development)