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Start of Development

2019-01-07 — Initial Idea

Leseratte had the idea to consolidate all existing Wiimms Mario Kart Fun and CT-CODE modifications into one new structured system. He started looking for ways to extend the game's code, possibly by placing it at the end of the heap, like Wiimms Mario Kart Fun and CTGP v1.03 do. However, that would either require position-independent code, usage of the game's internal linker or a fixed-length FST.

2019-01-11 — StaticR.rel Buffer

The idea to use the heap was discarded. Leseratte found a roughly 900 KB buffer within the StaticR.rel that is only used when loading the game. After it is loaded, the buffer is still kept in memory and can be used for custom modifications.

2019-01-30 — CT-CODE Port

All CT-CODE mods were ported or rewritten to work with LE-CODE. Most Wiimms Mario Kart Fun mods were ported as well.

2019-02-10 — Test Script

Leseratte made a small script to patch LE-CODE support into an image so online tests were possible.

2019-02-14 — WLECT Development

Leseratte made a few changes to LE-CODE to make it compatible with Wiimms SZS Tools. Wiimm started developing Wiimms LE-CODE Tool so that distributions could be created automatically. At the same time, Wiimm implemented LE-CODE support in his distribution generator.

2019-02-15 — More Slots

Leseratte managed to add an additional 20 slots to the game without breaking online support.

2019-02-25 — Even More Slots

A new system to add more slots was started by Leseratte. The former mentioned slots were removed. NTSC-K was also fixed.

2019-03-06 — Track ID Support

Both online gameplay and online live view now support up to around 32000 tracks, but LE-CODE's limit was set at 4096. This is because the game would eventually run out of memory for cup icons. Cup icons changed from RGB5A3 to CMPR to reduce file size.

2019-04-01 — First Public Test Distribution

Wiimm and Leseratte released a LE-CODE Test Distribution in the form of an Intermezzo to do some online tests with more people. From this point forward, all new builds of Intermezzos would be built using LE-CODE.

2019-05-18 — Wiimms Mario Kart Fun Preparations

The mod's code was cleaned up heavily and was being prepared for Wiimms Mario Kart Fun. A mushroom car feature (for tracks like GCN Mushroom City) was added thanks to kHacker35000vr.

2019-06-21 — Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2019-06 Release

Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2019-06, the first custom track distribution with LE-CODE was released.

Build 13 (release)

2019-07-12 — First Official Release

The first official release of LE-CODE. It was made public so other distributions could use it.

Build 14

2020-01-25 — Extended Presence Flags and more
2020-02-07 — New Features
  • Finished implementation of extended presence flags including simulation of scenarios.
  • Added the ability to increase the range of where items can be for online races (see LEX SET1).
  • Added the ability to hide the position tracker depending on the player's checkpoint information (see LEX HIPT).

Build 15 (release)

2020-02-14 — Official Release

Build 16 (release)

2020-03-04 — Official Release
  • Fixed hidden position tracker for 4:3 field-of-view.
  • Fixed a freeze that occurred when a player left a room which had a track using the Hidden Position Tracker loaded.

Build 17

2020-04-08 — Functional Chat Messages
  • Added functional chat messages, which can be used to disable and enable various functions (see LPAR chat messages).

Build 18 (release)

2020-04-08 — Official Release

Build 19

2020-04-17 — Track Blocker
  • Added the ability to block tracks from being repicked up to 50 times (see LPAR Track Blocker).
  • Added more functional chat messages.
2020-04-21 — Epropeller Speed]

Build 20 (release)

2020-06-16 — Official Release

Build 21

2020-07-26 — Bugfix
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a player went online with many drivers not unlocked.

Build 22 (release)

2020-07-26 — Official Release

Build 23

2020-09-05 — Bugfix
  • Fixed a freeze when all players select random during battles.

Build 24 (release)

2020-09-17 — Official Release

Build 25

2020-10-09 — Speedometer and Conditional Out of Bounds.
2020-10-11 — Bugfix
  • Fixed Host Always Wins Vote not working when Track Blocker was disabled.

Build 26 (release)

2020-12-09 — Official Release

Build 27


Build 28 (release)

2021-04-08 — Official Release

Build 29

2021-04-08 — Thunder Cloud Timer
  • Added the ability to change how long a Thunder Cloud delays its strike (see LPAR Parameters).
  • Fixed a bug so debug screens actually get disabled when told to.
2021-04-10 — Cheat Codes
2021-06-24 — Bugfix
  • Fixed a bug where the joystick position for item cheats was incorrect.
2021-08-04 — Debugging
  • Added more D-Pad Cheat Codes, such as unlocking licenses and Thunder Cloud strike time.
  • Improved debug screens.

Build 30 (release)

2021-09-03 — Official Release

Build 31

2022-03-09 — Longer Text

Build 32 (release)

2022-05-13 — Official Release

Build 33

2022-10-02 — Random Texture Hacks
  • Added support for random texture hacks.
  • Added more D-Pad Cheat Codes to accompany random texture hacks.
2022-10-07 — Bullet Bill Deactivation
  • Deactivated the Bullet Bill in item cheat in battles.

Build 34 (release)

2022-10-20 — Official Release

Build 35

2022-10-22 — Random Texture Hacks
2022-11-28 — Worldwides

Build 36 (release)

2022-12-15 — Official Release

Build 37 (in development)

2023-01-13 — VS Points
  • Added the ability to customize the amount of points received in VS races. (see STATICR-POINTS).