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main.dol is the name given to the main executable of Wii and GameCube games. It is not a named file on the game disk, but rather the name given to the section of the disk containing the main executable. It uses the DOL format. Mario Kart Wii's main.dol contains quite a lot of generic library code, but most of the game specific logic is in StaticR.rel.

Mario Kart Wii (PAL)

main.dol sections
Name[1] file Start file End VMA Start VMA End Size Type (text/data)
.init 0x100 0x2560 0x80004000 0x80006460 0x2460 text
extab 0x240080 0x240640 0x80006460 0x80006a20 0x5c0 data
extabindex 0x240640 0x240ee0 0x80006a20 0x800072c0 0x8a0 data
.text 0x2560 0x240080 0x800072c0 0x80244de0 0x23db20 text
.ctors 0x240ee0 0x240fa0 0x80244de0 0x80244ea0 0xc0 data
.dtors 0x240fa0 0x240fc0 0x80244ea0 0x80244ec0 0x20 data
.rodata 0x240fc0 0x254680 0x80244ec0 0x80258580 0x136c0 data
.data 0x254680 0x2a0140 0x80258580 0x802a4040 0x4bac0 data
.bss N/A N/A 0x802a4080 0x80384c00 0xe0b80 (defined 0xe50fc in the header)[2] data
.sdata[2] 0x2a0140 0x2a1500 0x80384c00 0x80385fc0 0x13c0 data
.sbss[2] N/A N/A 0x80385fc0 0x80386fa0 0xfe0 data
.sdata2[2] 0x2a1500 0x2a36a0 0x80386fa0 0x80389140 0x21a0 data
.sbss2[2] N/A N/A 0x80389140 0x8038917c 0x3c data

See also

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