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This page informs about public LE-CODE based test distributions. The series will start in April 2019. All distributions are full playable offline and online. All LE-CODE distributions with exception of Intermezzo can be downloaded here: https://download.wiimm.de/lecode/

Planned distributions
Date Internal
N(cup) N(ct) Perform.
Name & short info
As of
5+ 10+ Usually
20222 Intermezzo

From April 2019, all versions of Wiimms Intermezzo (a weekly test distribution) will be released using LE-CODE. New features of LE-CODE will be tested too.

2019-04-01 5 100 372 4201 100 Cups

This is the standard test distribution of Leseratte and Wiimm. It contains some real tracks, and 11 tracks that are repeated to fill the distribution. Therefore the distribution is small (about 42 MB) and fast to create.

100 Cups (region 4201)

100 Cups is the first public LE-CODE distribution. As the name implies, the edition contains 100 racing cups.

First LE-CODE test distribution (region 4201)
  • Wiimmfi region 4201 and Disc id RMC*L1.
  • 10 custom Battle Arenas.
  • 8 racing cups with classic tracks.
  • 1 racing cup with 4 different random sections. Selection New Tracks covers all custom tracks except for the test tracks.
  • 91 racing cups with custom tracks (88 cups filled with the same 11 tracks).
  • A total of 372 custom tracks. 8 are hidden because of random selection.
  • 150cc online only. (In general, the probabilities for 100cc/150cc/mirror can be defined in percent — values 0 and 100 are possible [1])
  • Performance Monitor is enabled (except for Dolphin).
  • Item Cheats for PAL and USA included.
  • Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woCulz3PZoA
  • Download: tar.xz, 7z (42 MB)
Notes about the tracks
  • »Test Cannons« includes a LEX file to change the cannon settings. Drive into the blocks and see what happens. To finish the race, drive through the 2 large pipes.
    • Cannon 1 is very slow (slower than normal driving).
    • Cannon 2 is very fast (you reach your destination immediately).
    • Cannon 3 is very high.
  • If you select »? Circle or Baby Park«, then Test Circle or Baby Park is selected by random. Both tracks are short tracks (see below). There are 3 more random selections (look for the question mark). Observe the name changes during the online track lottery.
  • »DS Airship Fortress« uses setting 8 of woodboxes to define the respawn height. The woodboxes stay in the lower floor now.
  • Beginning with cup 13, there are 352 short custom tracks. Short means, that the race is finished a few seconds after the start. In detail, there are only 11 different tracks, that are repeated to fill the cups. This keeps the distribution small. Each name begins with the hexadecimal slot number to distinguish all tracks.