Conditional Out of Bounds (Riidefi)

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This article is about Riidefi's cheat code. For other cheat codes with the same name, see Conditional Out of Bounds.

This is a cheat code created by Riidefi. This makes it easier for track authors to implement intersections without having to worry about unintended fall boundaries being triggered when someone on the lower part of the track gets too much air. It makes use of AREA type 10, which will serve as the conditional out of bounds. As of build 25, LE-CODE implemented it too.


Add an AREA of type 10 (0xA) to the KMP. The first and second AREA parameters, "P1" and "P2", define the checkpoint range: the area will be enabled if and only if a player is in the Cth checkpoint sector such that P1 <= C < P2.
NOTE: If both P1 and P2 are zero, this code is disabled, and the boundary is unconditionally enabled.
NOTE: If P1 > P2, the range functions in blacklist mode. The AREA will be disabled within P2 <= C < P1, and enabled everywhere else.

There are distributions that support both this and the KHacker's COoB cheat. Therefore the executing code (e.g. LE-CODE) must know which cheat to use. Therefore the value for the route should be set to 0xff (-1) if you use this cheat.

Cheat Codes

Conditional OoB v2.0, PAL

Conditional OoB v2.0, NTSC-U

Conditional OoB v2.0, NTSC-J

Conditional OoB v2.0, NTSC-K