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Youtube: Sliver
Discord: SilvĪµr#0001

"Competitive Elitist", 20 year old high school graduate looking to go into software development, I've been around since 2015, so I know a lot about the files and the inner workings of the game, as well as having connections with some big names in the modding world, I'm a moderator on Mario Kart Boards, a member of both the CTGP Track Council and Beta Testing team, where I mostly try to give insight on the competitive side of tracks, and I have some hand in updating/maintaining both Luminous CT Pack and Skill Issue Pack. If you have any questions about issues with things like crashes, just dm me on discord, I'm in a large majority of the big mkw servers and am always willing to try to help people. I like to hotfix tracks that are currently in/are going to be added to CTGP, and may make some tracks of my own in the future.

As for my creations, you are allowed to hotfix anything or make minor updates, but if you plan on making any major updates, contact me on Discord first, where I will most likely grant approval