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Mario Kart Virtual Night
Mario Kart Virtual Night Cover.png
Author: TheGamingBram
Type: Riivolution
Tracks: 1,548
Version: v3.3
Date of latest version: 2023-10-08
Discord server: Virtual Chill Corner
Website: Mario Kart Virtual Night
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Mario Kart Virtual Night (formerly known as Mario Kart Evolution) is a custom track distribution created by TheGamingBram.


v3.0-Pre Presentation (Dolphin)


The track list can be found here.

DLC and Pack Edits

This distribution allows for custom made downloadable content packs to be installed and played. These DLC packs can change characters, music or vehicles.

DLC List
DLC Name Type Release Last
Author Status DLC Info
Hylian Kart Virtual Night
(also known as "COURAGE8")
Pack Edit 2023-10-06 Destronyan released This special edition is based on v3.2:
Mario Kart Spooky Night Character DLC 2023-10-22 TheGamingBram released This DLC pack adds spooky character costumes for some characters for Halloween.


Game Features
Feature Author Information
30 Seconds Time Limit Modifier CLF78 This code lets you set a custom amount of time before the race ends due to the leader having finished the race.
All Items Can Land MrBean35000vr, CLF78 This code lets every item (except the Thunder Cloud) land on the floor when dropped. They will activate when a racer drives over them, and their effects will be identical to if the user actually fired the item themselves.
Automatic BRSAR Patching Elias_ This code will automatically patch the size of the entry of any BRSTM file to its maximum size on the fly.
Brake Drifting Stebler This code adds brake drifting to the game.
Change Characters Between Wi-Fi Races MrBean35000vr When in online play, the player's character, vehicle and drift mode choice may be changed between races by pressing + or START (depending on your controller) when on the VR screen. This simply takes the player back to the character select menu and then returns them to the vote when they have reselected. If the time limit expires, the currently selected options are taken.
Hybrid Drift Ismy Replaces the Automatic Drift option with Hybrid Drift, which combines automatic and manual drift. This does not work in private rooms.
Impervious Thunder Cloud v2 CLF78 This code is an improved version of the original code, which does not make the cloud disappear and will also not affect other items.
Mega Mushroon Increased FOV TheLordScruffy This code increases the field of view when a Mega Mushroom is used, making it possible to see where you are driving.
No Bullet Bill Icon Anarion You can get more than one item while in a Bullet Bill.
Show Everyone's Times After Race Melg Shows everyone's completion times in VS races (both online and offline) and in Worldwide races.
Show Quit Confirmation Screen in Single Player CLF78 Shows the quit confirmation screen in races.
Silent Controller Changing [WP]Bully You can change controllers at any time without having the controller dialog box appear.
Track Music Expander CLF78 This code lets you apply different music for each track (including Nintendo tracks) on CT-CODE and LE-CODE-based distributions.
Track Music Speedup on Final Lap CLF78 When you reach the final lap, the currently playing BRSTM will speed up over five seconds instead of switching to the fast lap _F version.
Ultra UnCut MrBean35000vr, Chadderz Ultra UnCut is a cheat code which fixes the start line bug that causes many Ultra Shortcuts.
Can Always Drift Supastarrio No matter how slow you go, you can drift.
Mii Heads On Minimap JoshuaMK A code that makes it so characters icons are replaced by Mii heads on the minimap.
Disable Title Demo Movie Diamond This will disable the two demo movies that appear when leaving the title screen idle after a short period of time.
Mega Flips Cars JoshuaMK Instead of cars stopping you dead in your tracks while using a Mega Mushroom, they will flip over like when using a Star.
Speed Limit Modifier Removes the speed limit.
Engine Class Modifier Leseratte This code allows you to adjust the speed of every engine class.
Pretty Speedometer Stebler This code will add a speedometer to the game.
Don't Hide Position After Race MrBean35000vr Prevents the game from hiding the position tracker after the race ends. Useful to instantly know your actual finishing position (which might differ due to lag).
Draggable Blue Shells MrBean35000vr Blue Shells can now be held behind you like Red Shells. They will explode on contact, but not hurt the player. They can be used to protect against other items being shot from behind, but if wheelie-bumped while holding a Blue Shell behind you it will fall away and disappear. Only one Blue Shell can exist at once, so even when it is held out behind you it will be impossible for anyone else to get one from an item box.
Exception Handler Star, Riidefi This code will display exception information on the television screen when an exception occurs. After the console is finished scrolling, you will be returned to the Wii System Menu.
Max Lap Count Modifier Geeh, MrEvil A track can have anywhere between one and eight laps.
Speed Modifier MrBean35000vr Tracks have a speed modifier applied (e.g. 2× speed) which causes all parts of the game's physics to move at the increased speed (including vehicles, items and boosts).
Custom Server Support Wiimm, Leseratte Support to play on a custom Mario Kart Wii server has been added as a replacement to Nintendo WFC.
Load itembox.brres from Common.szs Gabriela_ Loads the item box object from Common.szs.
Skip Ghost Selection Screen Gabriela_ Skips the ghost selection screen.
Show Dolphin Cheats Warning Gabriela_ Shows a warning when Dolphin cheats are enabled.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2023-05-14 First release
v2.0 2023-05-21
v2.1 2023-05-23
v2.2 2023-05-30
v2.3 2023-06-14
  • Added 27 tracks.
  • Updated 12 tracks.
  • Added new font icons.
  • Removed Random Character+Vehicle Combo For Every Race -Online-.
v3.0 2023-08-14
  • Fixed font crashing on console.
  • Removed name font icons.
  • Updated to LE-DEF.
  • Updated track sorting system.
  • Replaced Mega Cloud with Star Cloud.
  • Replaced Mega Mushroom with Wonder Flower.
  • Updated 35 tracks.
  • Added 56 tracks.
  • Replaced four Tracks.
v3.1 2023-08-20
  • Fixed cup icon crash.
  • Reverted online menu.
  • Updated two tracks.
  • Added three tracks.
  • Removed a track.
v3.2 2023-09-22
  • Removed Mission Mode.
  • Added Show Dolphin Cheats Warning.
  • Added Skip Ghost Selection.
  • Added Fast POWs.
  • Removed Grand Prix button in Single Player.
  • Removed Mii Outfit C.
  • Removed Star Cloud.
  • Increased Red Shell speed.
  • Removed four tracks.
  • Updated 20 tracks.
  • Added 37 tracks.
v3.3 2023-10-08
  • Updated Toad's Factory music.
  • Updated cup icons file.
  • Added a music only setting for My Stuff.
  • Removed one track.
  • Updated 13 tracks.
  • Added 11 tracks.
  • Fixed one track.
By the same author: TheGamingBram

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Characters & Vehicles
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