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Mario Kart Virtual Night
Mario Kart Virtual Night Cover.png
Author: TheGamingBram
Virtual Night Team: TheGamingBram, Toadette Hack Fan, Waltz, Zadiax, Cats4Life
Type: Riivolution
Tracks: 1,000
Version: v4.1
Date of latest version: 2024-05-10
Download: Google Drive
Discord server: Virtual Chill Corner
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Mario Kart Virtual Night (formerly known as Mario Kart Evolution) is a custom track distribution created by TheGamingBram.



v4.0 Trailer (Dolphin)
v3.0-Pre Presentation (Dolphin)


The track list can be found here.


Game Features
Feature Author Information
Normal Worldwides Melg Disables distribution-specific patches for Worldwide races while keeping client-side features (such as the speedometer) so that you can race people playing the vanilla game. This patch does not apply to Regionals, which will use the region specified in the distribution.
Mega Cloud acaruso Instead of shrinking the player, the Thunder Cloud gives a Mega Mushroom effect. Credit to Atlas for the original Mega Cloud model.
Wiimmfi Wiimm, Leseratte Support to play on a custom server has been added as a replacement to Nintendo WFC.
Mii Heads on Minimap JoshuaMK This will show Miis on the minimap. This can be toggled on or off in Riivolution.
Feather CLF78, stebler This adds the Feather as an item, which can be used to trick off the ground and jump high in the air. It replaces the Blooper.
Change Combo Between Races Melg A button have been added to the VR screen, which allow you to change your character/vehicle combination for the next race. This works in all online modes.
Transmission Select Brawlboxgaming This allows the ability to switch between regular drifting and all inside drift styles.
Game Mode Toggle Brawlboxgaming, TheGamingBram This allows the ability to switch between three game modes.
Draggable Blue Shells MrBean35000vr Blue Shells can now be held behind you like Green and Red Shells. They will explode on contact, but not hurt the player. They can be used to protect against other items being shot from behind, but if wheelie-bumped while holding a Blue Shell behind you, it will fall away and disappear. Only one Blue Shell can exist at once, so even when it is held out behind you, it will be impossible for anyone else to get one from an item box.
Feather TTs Ice, Melg This adds the Feather as an item to Time Trials. You have three Feathers to complete a track as fast as you can.
Ghost Saving Melg You now can save ghosts on all Nintendo and custom tracks.
200cc Melg This adds 200cc over 100cc.
Music Toggle Melg This adds an option to remove game music.
Track Layout Melg This adds an option to adjust the track layout to be in alphabetical order.
Speedometer Melg This adds a speedometer that can be positioned on either side of the screen.
Staff Ghosts Melg Every track features a staff ghost.
Ultra Mini-Turbos Melg Karts are able to generate another level of mini-turbo.
Custom Music Toggle Optllizer In-game toggle that enables or disables custom music included in the distribution.
In-Game Crediting Melg All tracks credit the authors at the beginning of each race.
Friendly Fire Melg This allows people on the same team to hit each other.
Remove Background Blur and Glow davidevgen, Anarion, TheGamingBram Removes the background blur and glow with a toggle.

Characters & Vehicles

Character Listing
Original Character Version Author
Tt baby peach 64x64.tpl.png
Baby Peach
Talking Flower v1.0 McKraken
Tt baby daisy 64x64.tpl.png
Baby Daisy
Shy Guy v1.0 UltraWario
Tt catherine 64x64.tpl.png
Kamek v1.0 Hotfix 2 UltraWario
Tt didy 64x64.tpl.png
Diddy Kong
Hammer Bro v1.0 JuniorMBW
Tt hone koopa 64x64.tpl.png
Dry Bowser
Petey Piranha v3.0 Hotfix DJ Lowgey
Vehicle Listing
Original Character Version Author
St sdf kart.tpl.png
Standard Kart S
Pipe Frame v1.0-hotfix LTC 91
St sb kart.tpl.png
Mini Beast
Sneeker v1.0 LTC 91
St sc kart.tpl.png
Cheep Charger
Mushmellow v1.0 LTC 91
St sd kart.tpl.png
Tiny Titan
Cloud 9 v1.0 Atlas
St sb bike.tpl.png
Bit Bike
Mr. Scooty v2.0 LTC 91
St mdf kart.tpl.png
Standard Kart M
Pipe Frame v1.0-hotfix LTC 91
St ma kart.tpl.png
Classic Dragster
Royale v2.0 LTC 91
St mb kart.tpl.png
Wild Wing
Streamliner v3.0 LTC 91
St me kart.tpl.png
B Dasher v1.0 ALE XD
St ma bike.tpl.png
Mach Bike
Sport Bike v2.1 LTC 91
St ldf kart.tpl.png
Standard Kart L
Pipe Frame v1.0-hotfix LTC 91
St la kart.tpl.png
Pipe Buggy v1.0 LTC 91
St ld kart.tpl.png
Circuit Special v2.0 LTC 91
St le kart.tpl.png
Brute v1.0 LTC 91

Version History

v1.0 – v3.5.Legacy


Version Date of release Information
v4.0 2024-05-09 Remade distribution from scratch using Pulsar.
v4.1 2024-05-10
By the same author: TheGamingBram

Custom Tracks:

Jam/Competition Tracks:

Retro Tracks:

Super Mario Kart:

Mario Kart 64:

Mario Kart: Super Circuit:

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!:

Mario Kart Arcade GP:

Mario Kart DS:

Mario Kart 7:

Mario Kart 8/ Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:

Mario Kart Tour:

Texture Hacked Tracks:
Mario Kart Wii Tracks:

Track Edits:
Custom Retro Tracks:

Characters & Vehicles
Custom Characters:

Retro Characters:

Retro Vehicles:

Other Game Characters:

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External links
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