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Ismy's Profile Picture (Penty).png
Ismy's Profile Picture (Axpatl).png
Discord: Ismy#5858
YouTube Channel: Ismy
Twitch: ismy64


I'm Italian and in my 20's. I mainly use two profile pictures, the current one being Penty, a fictional pixel art character which is supposed to be just a pentagon with arms, legs and a face on it for good measure, and it is the base of the Pentroll emoji in the FKW Discord Server. The other is a stuffed alpaca named Axpatl (/aʃpaʔtɬ/), which I actually bought some time ago in Milan at a convention.

Mostly known for the Formula Kart Wii mod, I'm all over the internet, especially on YouTube and on Twitch where I may or may not stream from time to time.

I'm also an unofficial Italian translator for this wiki and former owner of the Formula Kart Wii Discord Server.


I mainly worked for a long time at the Formula Kart Wii mod with CLF78, even though development is in stall for now.

One other thing I made is the Hybrid Drift cheat code which allows the user to use both automatic and manual drift during the same race, depending on whether the drift button is being pressed or not.

Other minor stuff includes:

  • Creating the Buffed Sprinter Mod for the Sprinter Tournament, something we play sometimes in the FKW Discord Server.
  • Making the version number and logo for FKW's title screen.
  • Helping CLF78 with many of FKW's codes.
  • Making some Custom Cup Icons.
Custom Cup Icons
Ismy's Mushroom Cup.png Ismy's Flower Cup.png Ismy's Star Cup.png Ismy's Special Cup.png Ismy's Shell Cup.png Ismy's Banana Cup.png Ismy's Leaf Cup.png Ismy's Lightning Cup.png


Buffed Sprinter Mod
Hybrid Drift Showcase
By the same author: Ismy

Game Mode:
Formula Kart Wii

Custom Track:

Texture Hack:
SNES Mario Circuit π

Other Mods:
Buffed Sprinter ModHybrid Drift