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Hello, I'm JoshuaMK. I've created dozens of codes, updated a few Custom Tracks, and have even set a WR in the game. Currently I spend my time creating codes + Custom Tracks. I shall not take any requests, although if somebody spits out a fantastic idea, you may see a release for it made by me lol.

If you plan to make an edit + release one of my tracks, please get my permission first. I will very likely say yes if asked politely. :P

Custom Tracks

List of released tracks

List of unreleased tracks

  • Eventide Circuit (Shall be released when I learn shadow mapping)

Planned tracks

  • None


All MKW Cheat Codes (Mine can be found in there)

By the same author: JoshuaMK

Custom Tracks:
Keegs Road

Bowser's ChallengeDongo Cave


YouTube Channel