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Discord: Sprx.#3494
YouTube: I'm SpearX

Hi! I'm SpearX! I'm an MKWii player that has been playing for a good few years now. And, recently I've been getting involved in the modding scene, and am working on some Custom Tracks. I also host the Spin the Wheel CTs competition, and if you would like to check it out, here is the link:

Please contact me on Discord if you would like to update/remake any of my projects! I will most likely be on board with it, but please don't release anything without my permission.

Custom Track Distributions

Toxic Prime Kart Wii - A My Stuff CT distribution I created for Kozakura, which includes a bunch of his tracks.

Sunset Kart Wii - A texture hack distribution I created which compiles 32 sunset texture hacks into one pack!

Sunset Kart Wii Textures

Sunset Meadows - My first texture hack! It is a Moo Moo Meadows texture that takes place during a sunset.

Sunset Snowboard Cross - My second texture hack! It is a DK Summit texture that takes place during a sunset.

Spooky Sunset Sky - My third texture hack! It continues the saga of my sunset texture hacks!

Wario's Sunset Mine - My fourth texture hack! Another sunset texture hack...

Maple Sunset - My fifth texture hack! Wow! Super original sunset texture! :0

Sunset Cape - My sixth texture hack! (Credit to JorisMKW for some textures from his Koopa Ruins texture hack)

Sunset Falls - My seventh texture hack! This is the first texture hack where I experimented with the .mdl0 file, and changing the colour of the water, etc.

Sunset Volcano - My eighth texture hack! A volcano... but sunset.

The Last Sunset - My ninth texture hack! I named this texture "The Last Sunset" due to it looking like remote, post-apocalyptic ruins, sinking into the lava, and I thought that "The Last Sunset" would be a fitting name to fit that description.

Bowser's Sunset Castle - My tenth texture hack! I really like the sunset atmosphere in this track. It would've been cool if this was how it originally looked.

Sunset Stronghold - My eleventh texture hack! Instead of hitting the wall after the rail on normal rBC, you can do it at sunset!

GCN Sunset Circuit - My twelfth texture hack! The name is self-explanatory.

Sunset Stadium - My thirteenth texture hack! I never noticed the skybox in this track until I made this texture. Huh.

Sunset Square - My fourteenth texture hack! There are still blue illuminations in the yellow water by the dock, which may look messy, but they're actually intentional. Is there some deep, underlying meaning or backstory? Nah, I just though they looked cool :P

Sunset DK Mountain - My fifteenth texture hack! Not my proudest work... the river below the bridge is an incredibly saturated orange, and it doesn't look great. Am I gonna go back and change it? No.

Character Textures

Light Blue and Orange Mario - A texture I made for RyderTheGamer89.

White and Blue Luigi - Another texture I made for RyderTheGamer89.

Lime-Green Toad - And another!

Other Texture Hacked Tracks

Waluigi's Fortress - A texture hack of Banished Keep which I am quite proud of, as I feel it looks quite good and uses some complex techniques.