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Toadette Hack Fan
Profile: Toadette Hack Fan's Profile Picture.jpeg
Discord server of Insane Kart Wii: Insane Kart Wii
Discord username: toadettehackfan
YouTube Toadette Hack Fan

Who I am

Hey, I'm Toadette Hack Fan (or THF for short)! I'm mostly known for doing stupid stuff like Insane Kart Wii, which has 4,028 custom tracks and a lot of Game Modes. In the past, I made a lot of custom tracks. I do not really make custom tracks anymore (maybe one in a month) since I've lost interest and started hating SketchUp but I'm unable to use Blender. Current best time in Desert Bus: 5h 36min 3sec which (according to MKWahPhil is the current non-TAS World Record. I may do stuff for Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Mario Kart 7, New Super Mario Bros. U (and port that stuff over to Deluxe) and maybe Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

Track Updates

Feel free updating, using, porting and remaking my stuff. No permission is needed. Since there is this new rule saying that you need permission to use my assets, I have to note that permission is given to everyone.
Do not update my distributions if you don't want to get in trouble with me!!!


Stuff I made

Here is everything I made:

By the same author: Toadette Hack Fan

Insane Kart Wii Website

Custom Track Distributions:
Insane Kart WiiMario Kart Wii +

Custom Tracks:

Co-Op Tracks:
Castle GorgeGalaxy GardenGBA Lakeside ParkGBA Luigi CircuitMeadow in a LakeMKWahPhil's Among Us and Internet ExperienceRocky Loop ΩTour London Loop (second port)
Tour London Loop 2 (second port)Tour London Loop 3 (second port)Volcanic Jungle StreetUmbreon's Rollercoaster: Cringe Edition

Penguin ToadetteTanooki Toadette

Wii U Tracks:
Wii U Mount Wario

SNES Tracks:
SNES Rainbow RoadSNES Vanilla Lake 1

Tour Tracks:

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tracks:
SW Squeaky Clean Sprint

Custom Track Remakes:
Sherbet CircleSherbet Desert Volcano Circle

Track Edits:
Rainbow Road Revolution R

Tracks from CTGP Super / Super Mario Kart Deluxe Custom Tracks:
CTGPS Choco Course 1CTGPS Desert Road 1CTGPS Desert Road 2CTGPS Desert Road 3CTGPS Ghost Valley 1CTGPS Ghost Valley 2
CTGPS Grass Way 1CTGPS Grass Way 2CTGPS Lava Course 1CTGPS Lava Course 2CTGPS Sun Course 1CTGPS Rainbow Road

Custom Track Updates:

Custom Character Updates:
Witch Toadette

Other Mods:
ItemSlot.bin HackUnused Special Item Slots.bin Edit