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Contact me
Discord @mystora
Mario Kart Wii FC: 1122-7008-0242

Hi, I am Mystora. I used to make a lot of CT's and other mods but have kinda gotten burnt out on them, I do want to make mods again at some point, mainly for finishing Kiwi Kart Wii. I speak Dutch, English, and a very small amount of French.

Other interests are Pokémon (ask me about my fangame :>) and Geometry Dash.

You can call me by Mystora, or Mystii for short. I used to go by KiwiPowerGreen/Kiwii but I've kinda dropped that name so I'd rather you not use those :P.

You are allowed to make textures for my ct's and update them etc. = ) It is appreciated if you ask on discord or talk page though, but it is not necessary.

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Champions Road, Crisp Climb Castle.

Rating my tracks

Kiwi's GBA Castle

My first CT, and one of the few tracks I made a layout for before creating it. It's not good (of course, it's my first CT), but I think the layout isn't that bad.

A Small Course

Why did I think this track wasn't that bad back when I made it? GBA Castle is definitely better. This track was my first functional track, but it has a lot of trobes of my early CTs (Long straightaways, uninteresting gameplay). It works, but it isn't great. Just play A Small Course 2 if you want to play a better version :).

Skyscraper Sewerway

A track with an interesting concept that we didn't really have enough modeling skill in to make it work properly. If there was a track like this but with functional gameplay and somewhat better visuals that would be pretty cool :). If I was much more skilled in modeling I would remake this track.

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