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Hi there. My name is ISC. I'm somewhat familiar with modding other games in the past and look forward to providing more content to the Wiiki and trying to get better. I've spent the better part of last year working on a large amount of tracks, while trying to come up with creative and innovative takes and ideas for tracks, and I hope to continue to do my best towards that in the future, as well.

Thanks for checking out the page and expect more tracks over time, if college and life give me enough opportunity to.

There's no in-jokes here either. Other users have them, but I think they come off as kind of pretentious (especially since they also make the mistakes they ostracize and joke on frequently too :carp:). Just remember as long as you keep going at it, you'll improve and learn. I think that's far more important, and I wish all of you best in those future goals too.

(If you'd like to update or use anything from the tracks I've made, let me know in advance. I'll very likely let you or help, if possible, but I'd prefer you ask first.)

Any tracks with the -CTGP added at the end are ones where CTGP wanted something else out of the tracks I didn't or disagreed with, so I decided to alt them and have another version be the one I stood by more. Play either or add either to any pack if you'd prefer it, I just went that direction since it'd be easier to have both and so it also makes me feel more complete and happy and without any awkward feelings by the end of it. At the end of the day, I think getting the tracks out to people is more important than anything, so having that distinction and label to help out will go a long way, I really think so. :)