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Discord: bowser498
YouTube Channel: Bowser498
CTGP Gold Stars: 250/250
Friend Codes:
  • HNS: 1337-4533-6154
  • Everything else: 1337-4410-5658
  • HNS: Toad, Toadette, Dry Bones/Quacker
  • Vanilla MKWii: Funky Kong/Flame Runner

Hi! I'm Bowser498, an avid MKWii player. I'm currently (well, on hold for now) working on a few custom Hide and Seek packs for release in addition to updating my Mario Kart 8 pack. I've been playing Super Mario since 2008, with Mario Kart Wii being my first Mario video game. MKWii has always been my favorite Mario Kart, and though I have always been a Wii Wheeler, I am now a Nunchuck main. I'm also a member of the CTGP Track Council, so if you have any questions regarding CTGP, feel free to ask! Outside of MKWii, I am an active member of Wikipedia, mainly specializing in COVID-19 statistics within my state. Click here to visit my Wikipedia profile!

By the same author: Bowser498

Bowser498's MK8 HNS Pack