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Youtube: Fuffina
Discord: Fuffina#9109
Twitter: FuffinaYT
Favourite Nintendo Track: Dry Dry Ruins
Current Favourite MKWii Custom Track: Disco Fever


Hello, I'm Fuffina! I make original MKWii custom tracks and run a YouTube channel that has a wide variety of Mario Kart content!

If you wish to update, remake, or port any of my tracks you would almost definitely be allowed but please let me know via Discord or Twitter so that I know about it! :)

Custom Tracks

  • Mushlight Forest - My first published custom track. The visuals are alright, but it's underscaled and the minimap is broken.
  • Starlit District - My second custom track which is a re-imagining of Mushlight Forest. Looks and plays much better, still a few bugs but overall would recommend!
  • Rio Resort - My third custom track, created for SpearX5544's Spin the Wheel CTs competition. I'm currently working on a 1.0 update that will heavily improve both gameplay and visuals!
  • Birdo Circuit - My fourth custom track, created for the second edition of SpearX5544's Spin the Wheel CTs Competition. Although there are bugs in some spots, it is definitely my best yet in terms of both visuals and gameplay. Would recommend!

By the same author: Fuffina