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Avatar: Shorky's New Profile Picture.png
YouTube: Shorky
Discord: @shorkytheshark

Hi, I'm Shorky, a 16-year-old shark contacting you from your local aquarium.

I am a casual player who makes custom tracks for Mario Kart Wii, and I sometimes participate in Custom Track Jams. I'll (probably) also make a track outside of events, but that might take a while...

As a CT creator, I always prioritize creativity over everything else, and I strive to try something new in all the tracks I make.

Other than my main channel, I also have another YouTube channel where I post custom track content, but there's, um, only one video there.

If you want to make a texture hack of, remake, or update any of my tracks, kindly let me know by sending me a DM on Discord! I'll probably let you do it, but please tell me first. You can also message me for any other reason, by the way! My DMs are open.

I also (try to) make music. You can have a listen on my main channel, in the sidebar!