Luigi's Island (ZPL)

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This article is about ZPL's remake. For other versions, see Luigi's Island.
Luigi's Island
Creator: ZPL
Designer: Harumyne, ZPL
Version: v5.1
Date of latest version: 2020-12-30
Editors used: Blender, BrawlBox, CTools, KMP Cloud, Lorenzi's KMP Editor, SketchUp, Wiimms SZS Tools
WBZ files:
Download: acaruso's Archive


This is a remake created by ZPL. He remodeled the track from scratch, keeping the basic layout, but adding new elements.



v5.1 VS Race
v3.5 VS Race
v2.0 VS Race

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v2.0 2019-01-28 First release
v2.5 2019-03-09
  • Fixed model and remade course model.
  • Remade KCL and KMP.
  • Replaced some textures.
v3.0 2019-06-14
  • Added road depth.
  • Added mipmaps.
  • Adjusted respawn points.
  • Remade course model and KCL.
  • Removed and replaced objects with new models.
  • Removed cave shortcut.
v3.5 2019-08-10
  • Remodeled two ramps into a beach.
  • Removed depth.
  • Remodeled and retextured road.
  • Replaced some textures.
  • Removed out of bounds.
  • Added fences.
  • Remade middle island.
  • Added islands in the background.
  • Added more decoration.
  • Added vertex colors.
  • Remade shadows and course model.
  • Remade KCL.
  • Remade checkpoints and respawn points.
  • Added crabs and an animated Luigi statue.
v3.6 2019-09-21 Update by ZPL and Jasperr:
  • Added fountain.
  • Added tricks to the bridges.
  • Fixed item routes.
  • Fixed skybox brightness.
  • Remade KCL.
v3.7 2020-02-16
  • Adjusted sticky road.
  • Other KCL adjustments.
v3.8 2020-08-21
  • Added custom mipmaps.
  • Added water splash.
  • Fixed water animation loop.
  • Fixed no lap count.
  • Fixed a respawn point.
  • Fixed animated Luigi statue position.
v3.9 2020-09-07
  • Added and improved checkpoints.
  • Changed pole position to the right side.
v4.0 2020-10-02 Visual overhaul.
v4.5 2021-07-05
  • Visual overhaul with day to night cycle.
  • Edited checkpoints.
  • Cleaned KMP.
  • Edited item routes.
  • Remade intro cameras.
  • Remade KCL.
  • Remade minimap.
v4.51 2021-11-16
  • Fixed item routes.
  • Removed day to night cycle.
v5.0 2020-12-28
  • Visual overhaul.
  • Remade KCL.
  • Edited checkpoints.
  • Added post-effects.
  • Removed water splash.
  • Removed animated Luigi statue.
  • Removed fountain.
  • Remade minimap.
  • Remade course model.
v5.1 2020-12-30
  • Edited model.
  • Remade course model.
  • Readded water splash.
  • Edited KCL.
  • Edited checkpoints.
  • Adjusted crab sizes.

Custom Track Distributions

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