Atmosphere's Track Pack

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Atmosphere's Track Pack
Author: Atmosphere, BillyNoodles
Type: Riivolution
Tracks: 96
Version: v1.0
Date of latest version: 2021-12-25
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Atmosphere's Track Pack (formerly known as Davidslane's Track Pack) is a custom track distribution created by Atmosphere and BillyNoodles. It is a collection of the author's favorite tracks. Currently, most music slots are messed up and Nostalgic Bowser's Castle is incorrectly labeled as "Nostalgic Bowser's".


Currently no media


Track Listing
Cup Track Version Author
CTGP Revolution Blooper Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Blooper Cup
Albero Bello v1.1 Shorky
Aqua Dungeon v1.01 ZPL
Astronomical Overdrive v1.0 Jasperr
Autumn Mountain Ascension v1.1 Kozakura
CTGP Revolution Blue Shell Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Blue Shell Cup
Banished Keep v1.1 Metabus
Big Nature City v2.6 lgmb
Big World Way v1.8 lgmb
Birthday Park v1.0.1 BlueSky
CTGP Revolution Chain Chomp Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Chain Chomp Cup
Birthday Party v2.0 JorisMKW
Bonita Harbor Beta AltairYoshi
Boshi Skatepark v1.3 Luke Chandler
Bouncy Farm II v2.2 4TLPati
CTGP Revolution Super Acorn Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Super Acorn Cup
Camp Kartigan v1.2 MrFluffy
Canyon Run v1.0 GredMega
Chomp Around Beta Slimeserver
Citro's Wedding Altar v2.1 SpyKid
CTGP Revolution Bob-omb Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Bob-omb Cup
Cliffside Circuit v2.2 AltairYoshi
Coin Heaven v2.0 TacoJosh
Colliding Dimensions v1.0 NBKevin98x
Concord Town v4.0.1 RemyInTheSky
Atmosphere's Track Pack Birdo Cup.png
Birdo Cup
Cool Castle Canyon v1.0 Sniki
Coral Cape v1.0 SpyKid, Terron
Crystal Plains v1.2 Sniki
Daisy Gardens v2.2e xBlue98
CTGP Revolution Feather Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Feather Cup
Dash Cannon Woods RC3.8 Keiichi1996
Delfino Island v3.4 Vulcanus2
Disco Fever v3.4 xBlue98
Divine Paradise v2.2 ZPL
CTGP Revolution Golden Mushroom Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Golden Mushroom Cup
Dolphin Harbor v1.0 SpyKid
Dreamworld Cloudway v2.3 SpyKid
DS Mario Circuit v6.1 ZPL
DS Rainbow Road Beta 5 maczkopeti
Atmosphere's Track Pack Warp Pipe Cup.png
Warp Pipe Cup
DS Waluigi Pinball v4.1 Yoshidude4, Turbo Yoshi
Flowery Greenhouse v1.0 Sniki
Frozen Festival v1.0 Jasperr
Galaxy Base v2.0 SpyKid
CTGP Revolution Penguin Suit Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Penguin Suit Cup
GBA Ribbon Road v1.1 Gabriela_
GCN Luigi Circuit v1.7 Tock
GCN Mushroom Bridge v1.5 Tock
Gingivitis is Bad v2.3 BillyNoodles, KartoffelKorps, slipperymac, Hman6516, acaruso
Atmosphere's Track Pack Umbreon Cup.png
Umbreon Cup
Glimmer Express Trains v1.3 Sniki
GP Mario Beach v2.0 Alpha 1 Hotfix 2 SuperMario64DS, DJ Lowgey
Icestone Shaft v1.5.4 Rinorocks
Interstellar War v1.0 Lovelifeandtpose024
CTGP Revolution Thunder Cloud Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Thunder Cloud Cup
Jungle Glade v1.4.1 Citrus
Kinoko Canyon v1.0 Jasperr, zilly
Kinoko Cave v1.1 igorseabra4, Sucht93a, Wingcapman
Laser Field Arcade RC1 Shorky
CTGP Revolution Bullet Bill Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Bullet Bill Cup
Luigi's Island v5.1 Harumyne, ZPL
Lunar Lights v1.1 Sniki
Mansion of Madness v1.3-predictable Sucht93a
Marble Towers v1.4 Sniki
CTGP Revolution Mega Mushroom Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Mega Mushroom Cup
Medieval Castlegrounds v1.1b JorisMKW, kHacker35000vr
Midnight Backstreet v1.0 Elemental
Mouse Hole Mania v1.2 Hman6516
Musical Cliff v1.3 Luca
Atmosphere's Track Pack Energy Spheres Cup.png
Energy Spheres Cup
Nostalgic Bowser's v3.1 Omonimo747
Orbital Outpost Beta Ferv, TacoJosh
Oymyakon Acropolis v1.0 Kozakura
Petite Park v1.3 Baoulettes, WorldsBoss, Tock
Atmosphere's Track Pack Luma Cup.png
Luma Cup
Pianta Plaza v1.1 JadenMKW
Pinewood Path v1.7.1 Hollend
Pipe Underworld v2.3.le BigOto2, ChaosShadow23
Polluted City Shore v1.0 Questorian
CTGP Revolution Ice Flower Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Ice Flower Cup
Quaking Mad Cliffs v1.0 MrFluffy
Rainbow City Run RC1 AlexTG4517
Reforged GBA Castle v1.0 Kozakura
Riverview Square v1.3 FloMaster35000vr, 4TLPati
CTGP Revolution Fake Item Box Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Fake Item Box Cup
Sandstone Cliffs v1.1 Citrus
Sandy Citadel v1.0 JDS, slipperymac
Seaway v1.02 Okin
SNES Choco Island 2 v1.21 zilly
CTGP Revolution POW Block Cup (v1.03.1058).png
POW Block Cup
Spike Desert v2.1 Sniki
Stadium Scramble v1.0 Questorian
Subspace Factory v1.3 Caron
Sunset Forest v1.0 Harumyne, ZPL
CTGP Revolution Wiggler Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Wiggler Cup
Super Sky Courtyard RC4 Strobenz
Swamp of Death v1.1 TL
Timber Rapids Beta ZPL, Kozakura
Twin Peaks v1.6 Sucht93a
CTGP Revolution ? Block Cup (v1.03.1058).png
? Block Cup
Underground Sky v1.5 EC2Joshi, Caron
Undiscovered Offlimit v1.8 Keiichi1996
Violin Route v1.0 Lovelifeandtpose024
Volcanic Valley v2.6.1.le MEGAKart69
CTGP Revolution Propeller Mushroom Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Propeller Mushroom Cup
Volcano Beach II v2.1 Ermelber
Waluigi's Motocross v1.9 wiimaster35000vr
Wario's Commodity Chase RC1.ctj Questorian
Wario's Cosmic Construction v1.2 AltairYoshi, JadenMKW
Atmosphere's Track Pack Pokey Cup.png
Pokey Cup
Warp Pipe Island v1.04 Wingcapman, Luke Chandler
Water Fall, Water Rise v1.0 Slimeserver
Water Island RC8 LuigiM
When Geeks Custom Track v1.1 JadenMKW
CTGP Revolution Cloud Flower Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Cloud Flower Cup
White Garden v2.5 SpyKid, Blockmann, LuigiM, Riidefi
Windy Whirl v1.3.1c Syst3ms
Yoshi Mountain v1.2 lgmb
Yoshi's Summer Safari RC1 Rex

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2021-12-25 First release

Known Bugs

Midnight Backstreet will crash on console if it is picked.

By the same author: Atmosphere

Magnum Opus
Nazrin Circuit

CT Jam Tracks:
Cove Crossing (with Rex) – CandyCorp Canyon (with Shorky) – Intergalactic Lair (with Sniki) – Citrusland
Acidic AreaGambler's GetawayAqua MetropolisPoisonous Pass (with Shorky) – Skybound Cloudscape
Meatball MountainFrigid Furnace (with Nozzly) – Skyloft SlopeLantern Light Terrace (with Birj)
Full Moon FacilityShy Guy's Stormy SeaportBullet Bill Bluff (with Chouchintosh and Mickeyman713)
Painted PetalsBreezechill CitadelUnrecalled Universe (with Fuffina) – Reflective RuinsWario's Canyon Castle

Other Custom Tracks:
Goldleaf Gully (with AlexTG4517) – Galactic Cathedral Garden
Under Construction CircuitPlanetary FunctionShy Guy Skies (with SquireTurnbolt)
Twilight ValleyColorful Cathedral (with Fuffina) – Shops (with Bluebatstar and Mayro)

Retro Tracks:
SNES Ghost Valley 3 (with Kozakura)

Lava CanyonCave RiverFactory IslandRoute 46Lava WoodArtificial ArboretumGarden IslandGoldleaf Shoreline (with MKWahPhil)
Everything but the Kitchen Zinc (with MKWahPhil) – Zinc Zinc Ruins (with Wixboy)

Old Tracks:
David RacewayStranded Lava LakeKoopa Troopa ResortYoshi StadiumSpace CenterParty Road

Joke Tracks:
Rick and Morty City‎David's LaneThe Rexkip InatorVery Short Non-Meatloaf Related TrackUmbreon's Rollercoaster: Cringe Editionghost_enemy_cRizz CircuitBart Doard

Highlight Pack