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xBlue98 is a Mario Kart Wii custom track creator.

Work in progress

Name Status
A new custom track In progress since the end of 2020.
GBA Yoshi Desert (xBlue98)

New tracks

Name Status
Horror Mansion v2.4.1b released
Disco Fever v3.3 released
River of Dreams v1.3.5 released
Daisy Gardens v2.2e released
Rosalina's Starlight Coaster v1.0 released
Crossingville v1.0a released

Retro Tracks

Name Status
SNES Rainbow Road v1.2.2 released
GBA Broken Pier v1.04.4fix released

Old tracks

Name Status
Alpine Skyway v1.1 released
Scary Cemetery RC3 released
Waterway Beta released
SM64 Cool, Cool Mountain Beta released
Sacred Woods v2.0 released
Nightmare to Dream World v4.2 released
Toxic Forest v1.0 released
Magnetic City RC2 released

Possible projects

Name Status
A GBA Boo Lake remake Not excluded.
A GBA Snow Land remake Not excluded.
A GBA Peach Circuit remake Not excluded.
A GBA Sunset Wilds remake Not excluded.
A GBA Lakeside Park remake Not excluded.
A GBA Bowser Castle 4 remake Not excluded.