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Avatar: Wixboy's Profile Picture.png
Discord: Wixboy#1290
Twitter: WixboyY
Youtube: Wixboy!

Hello! My name is Wixboy!

I am new to making mods on Mario Kart Wii! (example: custom tracks, texture hacks, etc) I also enjoy participating in CT Jams. I appreciate feedback on all my tracks. If you want to update any of my tracks, please DM me on Discord.

Custom Tracks

Custom Tracks
Name Version Update Planned? Notes
Outdoor Castle 0.4 Yes This is my first custom track. If you want to update this, (i don't know why you would want to) go ahead. Laps don't count and it has a very messy KCL.
Mushroom Hillside 1.0 Maybe This is my first actually good custom track. Please DM Me on discord if you want to update this. Heavily inspired by Mushroom Peaks

By the same author: Wixboy

Custom Tracks:
Mushroom HillsideOutdoor Castle

Joke Tracks:
SNES Rainbow Road

In-Progress Custom Track Distribution:
Wixboy Kart Wii