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  • My CT's :
Name Status
Lava Mushrooms RC2 released
Dry Dry Castle RC1 released, working on RC2
Autumn Island Modelling
Riverview Square Beta
Opposite Island Modelling
Royal Castleway Released
Summer Island RC1.4 released, working on the model of RC2
Soda Circuit Model is finished, working on perfection and SZS
Waterway Released Beta
Toxic Forest Released Beta

So you see I'm a bit busy atm. I'll try to release some of the CT's that I mentioned.

If you need help with your Custom track just add me on Skype!

About me

Flomaster / Florian
Avatar: FloMaster35000vr's Profile Picture.jpg
Youtube: Youtube Channel
Skype: Flomaster / Florian
Remix Channel: NintenRemix

I've got my Wii back in 2008. I started playing Mario Kart Wii when I got the Game as a Birthday Present 2010. Since late Autumn 2011 I'm making Custom Tracks which you may enjoy.My very first CT was Lava Mushrooms which is just a Flat Circuit with some heights at the end and one big Ramp you can see my video here. I just made the Model of it and Thiruon the whole SZS. So a big thanks to him! He also tought me how to master a SZS with all the stuff (KMP,KCL and Object adding). But Version 2 of Lava Mushrooms I totally made alone. Just some good friends helped me there with the KMP. If you have any CT Requests tell them me I try to realize them as good as possible for you. I have some good Ideas too, but I'm not always in the mood to make Models so I hope you can understand me in this Point.

When you like me or my CT's or want some Help with CT's or just want to know something about me just add me in skype.

About my upcoming Custom Tracks

  • As you could see I'm modelling very much CT's but I'm too lazy for making the SZS when you want to support me just add me on Skype.
By the same author: FloMaster35000vr

Custom Tracks:
Lava MushroomsDry Dry CastleRiverview SquareSummer IslandWaterwayRoyal CastlewaySpace IslandIcepeak MountainToxic Forest
Nebula Lava Factory

Texture Hacks:
Dark Circuit

Custom Tracks slightly edited:
Bouncy Farm II (animations) – Dryland Hills (animations)