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Avatar: Lovelifeandtpose024 avatar.png
Discord: lovelifeandtpose
YouTube: Incognito

My name is Lovelifeandtpose024, better known as my Discord username "emanresU". I was a custom track (CT) creator who began modding in November 2018 until retiring in April 2022 with the release of Northern Heights v2.0.

A brief memoir on my modding phase

Please credit me for any models/objects you take from my tracks.

For anything you want to take from tracks I worked on with someone else, please ask both me and the person in question.

Please ask me for permission before editing or updating my tracks.

Feel free to port anything I make to other games, though I suggest adapting them to suit the target game.

Unfinished Business

I used to have a table detailing all my tracks I never finished and offered to send them anyone who was willing to finish them, but no one came forth after a year of the table being up. Thus there is no point to hold on to projects I stopped caring about.

Cancelled Projects

These are projects that either never got past an idea in my head or whose files are long gone. Feel free to make any of these a reality.

- Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mario Circuit

  • This was an attempt to make Mario Circuit from Super Smash Bros. Brawl a fun, lively custom track. I only made the road layout before deleting the project forever due to lack of interest.

-Alpine Mountain Remake

  • I was halfway through modeling this track way back in early 2020 when I realized that this track is basically Rock Rock Mountain from Mario Kart 7.

-Traditional style Mario Circuit-esque Custom Track

  • I fully modeled this before realizing that it was essentially a re-arranged GCN Mario Circuit. It was situated on a cliff overlooking a lake, and the lake would be surrounded by houses and roads.

-Castle of Hope v2.0

  • I only got through modelling about 30% of the track. It would have featured less spirals, more open areas, a ceiling that wasn't miles above you, and a lot of texture and model changes.

-The Chompworks

  • Not to be confused with Chomplabs. This was a factory that would have included a lot of Chomps rolling on conveyor belts like the Toad's Factory crates. It had an outside area as well with cranes. This was made a fully playable course, but due to issues with a custom casino roulette object, I gave up on it. I could go back and fix this now, but I have no motivation to ever finish that track (which was scrapped 3 years ago anyway).

-Beanstalk Castle alternate version

  • A hypothetical version of Beanstalk Castle that would have included going inside the background castle, like Suzuka Circuit's regular and east course versions.

-Seasonal Arena

  • A battle track based on Bear and me's v2.0 (the old 2019 remake) of Seasonal Circuit. I never released it due to my inability to make good enemy battle routes (and some material issues).

-Jungle track

-Autumn themed track

  • An old, unfinished Custom Track Jam entry. I became sick on the last two days of the Jam and thus couldn't finish it. It would have had a drive through ruins and was inspired by Azshara (before the Cataclysm expansion) in World of Warcraft.

-Luigi's Cave remake

  • A remake of AlphaMarioX's Luigi's Cave based on a concept he posted. The road and its surroundings were fully modeled, but I lost motivation to continue.

-Chomplabs remake

  • A remake that would have included better gameplay and less grainy visuals. It never got past being a concept in my head.

-Mario Circuit 2 Remake

  • A remake of this track which originally is made by MRbuttCHINSx11T7 and was planned after I made Beagle Plains. Due to the awkward layout of the original, I never got around to it. My philosophy on remakes of old tracks also changed, and now I believe that those types of remakes disrespect the original creator(s).

-Beagle Plains v3.0

  • Would have featured actual dogs running around, a secret easter egg inside of the huge hill in the background, a halfpipe on the side of the road after the greenhouse, and a ton of fixes and visual changes from the original.

-Eastern Plaguelands-styled track

  • An idea that tried to stand out from generic haunted/ghost tracks. Would have had orange fog, dead trees and a barren atmosphere. I couldn't think of anything interesting to include.

-Volcanic Skyway Remake

  • A remake of one of the Volcanic Skyway tracks, except the volcano would have been erupting, with a smoldering sky, burning plants and lava obstacles. I didn't know how to make going inside an erupting volcano work nor have any ideas for the section in the sky.

-Backwards Mario Kart Wii tracks

  • A whole 32 track pack of backwards courses from Mario Kart Wii. The twist is that shortcuts, course model elements, and item positions would be altered to be reversed as well. New shortcuts and alternate routes would have been added and some regular shortcuts would have been removed so it would be more than just playing the tracks backwards. It doesn't take a genius to realize how much effort this would have been, especially since I was the only author. I only finished Luigi Circuit. The nail on the (already sealed) coffin was the release of Mario Kart Wii R (ZPL).

-Paint Kart Wii

  • An April Fool's texture hack where all the textures in every Nintendo track would have been poorly remade in Paint. I got through a few tracks before giving up due to how much of a slog it was. Once again, this was way too much work.

-Obstacle Kart Wii

  • An April Fool's joke where I spam firebars, pipes, goombas etc. in every Nintendo track.

- A concept based on the winding, elevated road in the Isle of Kezan from World of Warcraft.

- A track called "Southern Lows", a parody of Northern Heights where it takes place in a Mediterranean-style lagoon with the same ruins, though with less drastic elevation changes and a different ending. Originally my plan for April Fool's 2023, though I lost motivation and was much more motivated to do a Custom Track Russian Roulette sequel: CTRR 2: Capital at Risk.