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Personal Message

  • You may not edit or republish any original content within my releases. Case and point. As a result, newer work will not be posted to this wiki and may not be reposted to this wiki. There will be no contrivance or justification given to do so.
  • From this point on (29 January 2023), I respectfully ask that none of my content be used in Distributions hosted on
  • From this point on (29 January 2023), I do not consent to my content being rehosted on other domains, even as WBZ. There is one current exception - your distributions may contain copies of work. There is also one retroactive exception - WBZ files already hosted on for previously released versions, and any uploads of SZS files that exist prior to 2023.


I don't feel comfortable with the previous attribution dispute. I would much rather avoid the conflict aspect, which is what led me to dissociate from this community for over half a decade. This is not meant to be a commentary on past events - I only want to release tracks peacefully without those fears attached. No further comments needed on this matter.

By this point no further work should be needed on any of my previous releases anyway - they've either been thoroughly replaced or patched by this point in time.

Special Exceptions

  • Feel free to modify lap count & speed modifier data for your distributions.
  • I may choose to publish newer work to this wiki when it is appropriate.


As of 2017, I am not participating on this wiki. As of 2023, I am creating custom tracks again.

Projects - Released

Jungle Island

My first custom track was Jungle Island, released on 1st of January, 2012.

It was created entirely with no design, but drew inspiration from Fishdom Island for its appearance and features.

This is my only non-port custom track to date.

SM64 Bob-omb Battlefield

My second custom track was a of port Bob-omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64. Originally named SM64DS Bob-omb Battlefield, it was first released on the 16th of February, 2012.

A remake was made in the July of 2012, changing the course's layout and name to SM64 Bob-omb Battlefield.

A third remake was considered in 2017, but did not occur.

GBA Snow Land

My third custom track, GBA Snow Land made in Google SketchUp.

A remake using advanced modeling tools neared cosmetic completion, but did not make it to the track building portion of production. This was due to the higher standard set for Mode 7 track remakes introduced in Mario Kart 8.

DS Shroom Ridge

My fourth custom track, DS Shroom Ridge, released on the 6th of October, 2012.

GP Mario Beach

Initially released on 31st December, 2012.

My fifth and most recent custom track, GP Mario Beach. The first port ever from from the Mario Kart GP series, as well as the first from a non-home console. It was created as a collaborative effort with DJ Lowgey, who provided the course assets.