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YouTube: JDS
Discord: JDS#6612

Hello! I’m a Mario Kart Wii enthusiast from Sydney, Australia. I have been entertained by the idea of designing my own custom tracks ever since I picked up the game back in 2010. My modding journey started in January 2019 when I released my first custom track called Cascade Jungle. Shortly after, I started learning Blender. In early 2020 I re-created CJ from the ground up, implementing vertex colours and shadows for the first time. In early May I discovered the CT Jam community and made my debut in S1E3 with the theme "Coin". I enjoyed participating in 9 Jams during the first three seasons. Some of these tracks are not on the wiki as I prefer to publish them in a more polished state. I'm happy to see people play or add my tracks to their distributions and I greatly appreciate any positive/constructive feedback.

A note about my custom tracks: Unless we collaborated, please do not publish updated or otherwise modified versions of my custom tracks.

My Most Notable Projects

Name Status/Version Date of Latest Version
Cascade Jungle v2.0 2020-05-21
Sandy Citadel v1.0 2020-12-30

My Current Projects / Updates

Name Priority Description State
Cascade Jungle Low Reduce lag, small visual changes On hold
Spelunker Sanctuary Medium Overhaul of visuals and game play On hold
Delfino Drains Low Overhaul of visuals and game play On hold
Toad's Forgery Low Overhaul of visuals On hold
Abandoned Aquarium Low Remake from scratch On hold
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