Wario's Cosmic Construction

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Wario's Cosmic Construction
Author: AltairYoshi, JadenMKW
Version: v1.4
Date of latest version: 2023-02-02
Editors used: Blender, Blender MKW Utilities, BrawlBox, BrawlCrate, KMP Cloud, Lorenzi's KMP Editor, MagicY, Post-Effect Editor, SketchUp, un-beancorner, Wiimms SZS Tools
WBZ files: ct.wiimm.de
Download: Icedrive


Wario's Cosmic Construction is a custom track created by AltairYoshi and JadenMKW. It was created for the 15th edition of the Custom Track Jam competition series, where it placed first. JadenMKW modeled the spaceship as well as creating the shaded minimap, KCL and KMP files, while AltairYoshi modeled the remainder of the track, created the course model and added intro cameras.


v1.3 VS Race (Dolphin)
v1.2 VS Race
v1.0 VS Race (Dolphin)

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0.ctj 2020-11-17 First release
v1.0 2020-11-22 Added a camera link.
v1.0.opt 2020-11-30 Unofficial update by Optllizer:
  • Fixed freeze when falling into the water.
  • Fixed Bean corners.
  • Raised cannon.
v1.1 2020-12-05
  • Added sticky road and trickable collision.
  • Fixed Bean corners.
  • Updated enemy and item routes.
  • Added water splash.
  • Moved cannon.
v1.2 2021-04-03 Fixed star bits.
v1.2.mkd 2022-04-14 Update by FJRoyet:
v1.3 2022-07-02 Added replay cameras.
v1.3.opt 2022-10-11 Update by Optllizer:
v1.4 2023-02-02 Update by FJRoyet based on v1.3.opt:
  • Fixed an intro camera.

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Wario's Kosmische Constructie
French: Construction Cosmique de Wario
German: Warios Kosmisches Gebäude
Italian: Costruzione Cosmica di Wario
Japanese: ワリオコズミックコンストラクション
Korean: -
Portuguese: -
Russian: -
Spanish: Construcción Cósmica de Wario
Greek: -
Polish: -
Finnish: -
Swedish: -
Czech: Wariova Vesmírná Konstrukce
Danish: -