CT Jam Best Of

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CT Jam Best Of
Author: Doumdoum, Fynn93
Type: ISO Patcher
Tracks: 75
Version: v1.4
Date of latest version: 2021-07-05
Download: Google Drive (v1.3)
Discord server: CT Jam Best Of
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CT Jam Best Of is a custom track distribution created by Doumdoum and Fynn93. The four "best" tracks of different Custom Track Jams are gathered into each cup. For every two weeks, four cups would be added.


Currently no media


Track Listing
Cup Track Version Author
CT Jam Best Of Cheese Cup.png
Cheese Cup
Mozzarella Mountain v1.0 Kozakura
Piece of Delight Beta 2 slipperymac
Cheesebow Road v1.1 acaruso
Mouse Hole Mania v1.2.mkd Hman6516
CT Jam Best Of Leaf Cup.png
Leaf Cup
Gold Leaf Skyway v1.2 Kozakura
Leafy Lake v1.0 Retrostyle12
The Remnants of a Lost Leaf Track Beta slipperymac
Maple Realm Alpha FunkyDude15
CT Jam Best Of Coin Cup.png
Coin Cup
Coin Runner Circuit v1.1 Justin
Toad's Forgery Beta.jhfr JDS
Coin Circuit v1.0 Yoshii
Coin Heaven v1.01 TacoJosh
CT Jam Best Of Sewer Cup.png
Sewer Cup
Divine Tunnels RC1 Kozakura
Delfino Drains Beta JDS
Upstream Wasteway RC1 BillyNoodles
CT Jam Best Of Tower Cup.png
Tower Cup
Mossy Tower Ruins v1.5 Kozakura, Rex
Dusk Tower Isles v0.9 Hman6516, BillyNoodles
Medieval Castlegrounds v1.1b JorisMKW, kHacker35000vr
Sandy Citadel v1.0 JDS, slipperymac
CT Jam Best Of Shopping Cup.png
Shopping Cup
Twin Market RC1 Sheale
Troy's Teespring Trek v1.1 Hman6516
Wii Shop Raceway v1.0.mkd Justin
Urban Gallery v1.0-beta SpyKid
CT Jam Best Of Twilight Cup.png
Twilight Cup
Crepuscular Crossover v1.0 JadenMKW
Dim District v1.01 Rex
Twilight Jungle Preview slipperymac
Sundown Streets v1.02 SpyKid
CT Jam Best Of Cave Cup.png
Cave Cup
Cavern Escapade v1.0 Justin, Maximumsonic
Grumble Caves RC1 Luigi Story, Sheale
Spelunker Sanctuary Beta JDS, Bear
Blazing Subterrane v1.0 KevinVG207, Remurin
CT Jam Best Of Music Cup.png
Music Cup
Violin Route v1.0 Lovelifeandtpose024
Old Churches v1.6 Kozakura
Treble Clef Trek v1.2 JadenMKW
Musical Cliff v1.2 Luca
CT Jam Best Of Island Cup.png
Island Cup
Carrington Cove RC1 JDS, Kozakura
Ring of Fire v1.0 Hman6516, Sheale
CT Jam Best Of Underwater Cup.png
Underwater Cup
Wet Wet Ruins v1.0 JadenMKW
Jungle Beach v1.01 bugsy
Flooded Mario Circuit v1.1 acaruso
Drip-Drop Cavern Beta zatchi
CT Jam Best Of Magic Cup.png
Magic Cup
Floating Fortress Beta 2 bugsy
Carpet Spires v1.0 Kozakura
Mystical Marsh v1.0 Jasperr
Forest of Magic Beta zatchi
CT Jam Best Of Paper Cup.png
Paper Cup
Papyrophobia v1.1 Kozakura
Vellumental Trail v1.0.ctj Questorian
Paper Car and Bicycles v1.0.ctj BillyNoodles
Karts & Crafts Beta Bruh de la Boi
CT Jam Best Of Halloween + Ruins Cup.png
Halloween + Ruins Cup
Nameless Track v0.1 Sheale
Wicked Woods v1.0 KevinVG207
Haunted Library Beta zatchi
CT Cemetery Alpha Riidefi
CT Jam Best Of Technology Cup.png
Technology Cup
Chompworks v1.0 Bruh de la Boi, Lovelifeandtpose024
Adrastea Station Alpha Riidefi, zatchi
Orbital Outpost Beta Ferv, TacoJosh
Wario's Cosmic Construction v1.2 AltairYoshi, JadenMKW
CT Jam Best Of Holiday + Leaf Cup.png
Holiday + Leaf Cup
Boggly Woods v1.0 Questorian
The Grand Oak v1.0 CarryOn
Solstice Tundra v1.0b Kozakura
CT Jam Best Of Festival Cup.png
Festival Cup
Starbit Station v1.0 Kozakura
CT Jam Festival Beta Justin
Land's End Festival v1.0 Lovelifeandtpose024
Bonita Harbor Beta AltairYoshi
CT Jam Best Of Super Mario Galaxy Cup.png
Super Mario Galaxy Cup
Flash Black Forest Beta+ AltairYoshi
Melty Monster Skies v1.0-fix2 Kozakura
Under the Dreadnought Beta Lovelifeandtpose024
Sweet Sweet Universe Beta 2.ctjam Zai
CT Jam Best Of Canyon Cup.png
Canyon Cup
Canyon Arena v1.0 Bri911
Constellation Cliffs v1.1 bugsy
Sacred Abyss Beta 2 ZPL
Sonoran Canyon Alpha FunkyDude15
CT Jam Best Of Resort Cup.png
Resort Cup
Acrobatic Diving v2.0 Doumdoum, Kaysad-Mz
Moonlight Isle Beta AlexTG4517, YoshTaku, Mystora
Wii Sports Resort v1.0 CarryOn, KartoffelKorps, Sheale
Tropical Cloudway v1.0 AltairYoshi, Kozakura

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2021-05-09 First release
v1.1 2021-05-24
v1.2 2021-06-06
v1.3 2021-06-21
v1.4 2021-07-05
By the same author: Fynn93

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