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BillyNoodles is a Mario Kart Wii community member and custom track creator. Founder of Custom Track Jams


  • All of my tracks and models on this wiki that are solely created by me are in the public domain. Feel free to use any of my released models for your projects. This does not apply to my unreleased tracks/projects or any of my track/project collaborations.
  • If you want you want to make a Track Edit/Remake/Texture Hack of any of my tracks, then I ask that you please release it as a separate project and not as an update.
  • If you want to release an update for one of my tracks/projects, then I ask that you please seek my permission first.
  • The best place to contact me is through Discord as I tend not to check the talk pages frequently.


Name Type
EnvMap Funky Texture Hack
Mountain Gorge Texture Hack
Tesla Cybertruck Character
PackDev Software
Bowser's Castle 9001 Custom Track
Nature's Run Custom Track
Midnight Starway Custom Track
Bowser Multiverse Custom Track
Shoobity Boop Custom Track
Overnight Road Custom Track
Deserted Mountain Custom Track
Bowser's Lava Park Custom Track
Valley Pathway Custom Track
River Plains Custom Track
Mushroom Parkway Custom Track
Acid Factory Custom Track
Space Mountain Custom Track
Bowser's Courtyard Custom Track
Mushroom Spaceway Custom Track
Planetary Ruins Custom Track
Delfino Bay Custom Track
Dry Bowser on Thwomp Horse Character
Wiggler Wetlands Custom Track
Name Type Authors
Gingivitis is Bad Custom Track BillyNoodles, KartoffelKorps,
slipperymac, Hman6516, acaruso
Abandoned Pipeyard Custom Track BillyNoodles, DeathKick3
Dry Island Custom Track BillyNoodles, DeathKick3
Toxic Labs Custom Track BillyNoodles, Riidefi
Bowser's Stronghold Custom Track MattG, BillyNoodles
Rainbow Speedway Custom Track ValcorMKW, BillyNoodles
Speed Stadium Custom Track ValcorMKW, BillyNoodles
Anthro Valley Custom Track j8bit-forager, BillyNoodles
Bowser's Spaceway Custom Track MattG, BillyNoodles
Magma Chamber Custom Track Hman6516, BillyNoodles
Crazy Chasm Custom Track Hman6516, acaruso, BillyNoodles
Something Circuit Custom Track CoolTAFTime, BillyNoodles