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Avatar: Bugsy's Profile Picture.png
Discord: bugsy#4507
Youtube: bugsy

About Me

Hi, I'm bugsy. I mainly make custom tracks, but occasionally do fixes or visual upgrades to some other tracks as well. I initially learned how to make CTs in April 2020 using Sketchup and CTools, but since then I have moved on to using blender and other more advanced software. My goal as a creator is to create tracks with distinct gameplay mixed with unique visual themes.

In addition, I also play the game quite often (usually time trials), and help out behind the scenes for CTGP.


Do NOT make any edits or alternate versions of my tracks without my permission given! This applies to fixes to existing versions as well as any remakes or sequels to my tracks. The best way to ask for permission is to contact me through discord.

Also, do NOT leak any private versions of my custom tracks / track updates to the wiki or any distributions! These versions are generally very unfinished and as a result are guaranteed to have major bugs that would greatly hinder their playability. Any requests for private files will be ignored.

Finally, do NOT use any of my models in other custom tracks or texture hacks! I would also appreciate being asked for permission before using any custom textures that I make.

Anyone is free to include my tracks in their distributions, but only if the track is on its most recent version, on the correct slot, and using the correct name. Track slots can be found in most szs filenames or as the slots used in my showcase videos. I do not give permission for any distribution to rename the track in any way or to make distribution-specific versions.

In addition, I generally do not take requests for CTs, adding lightmaps/custom mipmaps/shaded minimaps to tracks, or otherwise fixing other tracks.

My Custom Tracks

Original Designs

Track Name Current Version Notes
Starry Cityscape v1.0 Created for SquireTurnbolt's summer CT contest. No updates planned.
Autumnal Archipelago v1.0 No updates planned.
Moonlit Grounds v1.0 Created for SquireTurnbolt's CT contest. Bugfix update planned.
Eroded Sanctuary v1.2 No updates planned.
Thunder Canyon v2.0 No updates planned.
Celestial Speedway v1.5 No updates planned.
Acrobatic Airway Beta 3 Concept by Nihonium. No updates planned.
Constellation Cliffs v1.1 No updates planned.
Jungle Beach v1.01 No updates planned.
Floating Fortress Beta 2 No updates planned.

Retro tracks / remakes / ports

Track Name Current Version Type Notes
N64 Wario Stadium v1.1.1 Retro Remake Reimagining of the N64 version. No updates planned.
Motorcat's Dirt Derby v1.1 Port Originally created by NinjaboySC for MKDS. No updates planned.
SNES Mario Circuit 2 v1.1 Retro Remake No updates planned.
Mushroom Volcano v1.1 CT Remake No updates planned.
3DS Rainbow Road v0.2 Port No updates planned.

Contributions to other CTs

Other custom tracks that I helped with, but wasn't the main author of the track.

Track Name Version Contributions
Glacier Mine v1.0-CTGP Added lighting, custom mipmaps, and various other fixes with Silverr.
Cosmic Grove v1.0 Created minimap.
Amanita Abyss v1.0 Created minimap.
Jungle Ruins v2.0 Added lighting, custom mipmaps, and BLIGHT.
Hell Pyramid v2.1 Remade minimap.
Area 64 v1.0 Created minimap.
Bowser's Termination Station v1.0 Optimized course model, added lighting, added minimap plus KCL & KMP fixes.
Thump Bump Forest v1.6 Optimized course model, added lighting & custom mipmaps.
Volcano Canyon v2.2 KMP & KCL fixes, with help from CobaltYoshi27
Haunted Woods (ChaosShadow23) - Created minimap (to be added in a future update).
Dolphin Harbor v1.0 Created lightmap & custom mipmaps.
Haunted Library Beta Created minimap.