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Side Questorian

Hi, my name is Questorian, formerly known as Man-O-Wii, and I used to be an active track creator and community member until February of 2022, after which I have decided to distance myself from the community. As of October 2022, I have decided to formally "retire" (if it wasn't obvious already), meaning I have no plans to create any more tracks. While that does not mean I am done for good, I don't really have the drive to continue making anything at this point, and don't intend to ever come back to modding completely, or most likely at all.

At the moment, I mainly play games such as Geometry Dash for fun, as well as other games from the Wii along with No Man’s Sky and other similar games, however, on a much less consistent basis than I once did. Currently I mainly prioritize my education. While I cherish the time I had with the community, I think it is important to recognize that at some point you have to leave things in the past and move forward; modding Mario Kart Wii in particular was a very important thing that I needed to move on from given it was impacting my education and grades, to such a degree that my grades have improved exponentially to the point of having a 98-99/100 average compared to the 92-93 I had before. Sorry if nobody cares about this little life update :P, I just think it is imperative that people recognize when is a good time to move on from things; while I was put into a position where I was essentially obligated to leave, I feel it ultimately made my life exponentially better and allow me to get my priorities straightened out and become a better and happier person as a result.

My Creations

Please do not use resources from, or make major updates (bugfixes are fine) of any track of mine from Empty Space onward. Empty Space I would like to receive no updates whatsoever. However, this list of tracks includes all I would like to remain in the state they are apart from bugfixes:


I have a YouTube channel where I post videos about mods, games, and other various things. The link can be found above. I also have a second channel titled "Side Questorian", where I post less streamlined content along the lines of simple showcases of my mods, as well as other things. Feel free to check them out!

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Empty Space

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