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Fynn93's Profile Picture.png
Youtube Channel: Fynn93
Discord: Fynn93#0001
Mario Kart Wii
Favorite character and vehicle: Dry Bones on the Quagger
Favorite Nintendo track: DK Mountain
Favorite custom character: Quagsire
Favorite custom track: Sky High Island
Favorite non-wii custom track: Rainbow Road DX
Distributions I play:


You can do everything you want with my Tracks (Including Edits and Texture Hacks!). Such as Updating/Changing Textures of them!

Over Me

Hey, I'm Fynn93 aka Fynn935083. I come from north Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. Im mostly working on the custom track distribution New Adventure All-Stars or coding random Stuff. If you want to contact me, message me on Discord or

Projects Finished

  • Fynns ISO Patcher (here)

Projects im working on

  • Fynns ISO Patcher (MKDI Integration)
  • Mario Kart Distribution Installer (MKDI)
  • mkw-utils

Games I like to Play:

Wiki Friends

Friend Codes

If you want to add me on CTGP Revolution, here is my friend code. CTGP Revolution has openhost, so I don't need to add you back.

Distribution Friend Code
CTGP Revolution 4558-6772-1828
Wii Friendcode 3240-1429-7208-2813
Switch Friendcode SW-4816-7560-3410

By the same author: Fynn93

Custom Tracks:
Simple CircleHeart TrackPipe Way

Custom Track Updates:
Wii Mushroom Gorge (TL)Lake Bridge

Custom Track Distributions:
New Adventure All-StarsCT Jam Best Of

Mario Kart Wii but You Can Only Drive on the RoadSmall and Ultra Tall PackWide + Large PackConfused Kart WiiSitBar's Impossible CT Pack

In-Progress Distributions:
Fynn's CT Pack

Texture Hacks:
Snowy Mushroom GorgeRandom CircuitQuag Mall

Track Edits:
Abandoned MallEasy Moonview HighwayGrass Summit

Game Modes:

Other Mods:
OP Items

Wiimm's Tools HelperKCL Converterthp2mp4